Monday, December 10, 2007

Awesome Daddy!!!

Last week, the boys and I rode with Randy to Pangitch

(ok I know I spelled that wrong but not a clue as to how to spell it, so this is how you get it)!! Jayden was so excited because as soon as we got to Cedar there was snow everywhere and he could not wait to eat it!! Yep, eat it, he loves to eat snow, so of course he had to give some to Colton!! My sweet husband, he really didnt have the time to stop and let Jayden play but also couldnt disapoint his little boy. So of course he stopped, Jayden and I built a snow man and had a snow ball fight!! Of course you cant forget all the snow we ate!! YUM YUM!!!

Ok so Sarah, has been trying to get me ( well anyone she can talk into it) to do the freezer dinner thing, so I did it last week, I shopped Tuesday, cooked wednesday, thursday, fridayand saturday, but I have 36 dinners in my freezer, I am so excited because it just takes so much time to cook and costs so much more. I think this has saved me so much, I have figured that I think I spent about $9.50 a dinner, now here is the great part there is 8 of us, $9.50 that is so awesome, that will cut my food bill in more then half!! But boy do I have to tell you I am so glad to be done!! Know you should also know that I love to cook and that was alot of cooking!!

My sweet little Colton went in this morning for his 18 month check, he's doing awesome 24.4 pounds so around the 25 % and 34 inches tall so around the 75 % so of course he looks tall and skinny!! Whats new they all look that way!! Here is my sweet Jayden with his stitches, man he was not happy about those. Hopefully it will be awhile before we have to deal with something like that again!!