Wednesday, August 25, 2010


So, well I guess I've got some!! Here is my official anoucment, ya I know what your thinking, well your probably thinking a couple of things at this point, and umm can I blame you...uh NO!!
Yep, its number 8, am I crazy, uh if you didnt know that well then I guess you dont know me very well!!
Was it planned, umm am I that crazy, NO!!
I know, I waited a long time to tell ya, but really was I ready to face everything, all the comments, the ridicule, the dont you know what causes that, the dont you have a T.V.!! Whatever, I am

ready do your worst!! LOL
so you probably noticed, we are getting a sweet little boy. Yep this evens us up, 4 boys 4 girls, and yes everyone is very excited!!

So yep heres the news Im prego, due December 19th with a sweet little boy!!