Friday, June 12, 2009


OK I am so excited, I am going to do a summer boutique, with pampered chef, cookie lee, Modbe, watches, scentsy, photography, and of course my flowers and headbands.
It is going to be next Wednesday, open house style, come check it out, visit, eat some goodies see if you find some thing that suits you or not but come by and say hi, I'm going to feel like a total dork if no one comes, bring a friend, or two or three, just come!!
OK so this is my cute little flyer that we are going to go plaster all over the whole neighborhood and then some!! So please help a girl out and steel my picture and post a note on your blog about my open house, oh and leave me a note that you did, maybe I will give away a headband, so let me know so I can go check your blog! Thank you, COME, PLEASE!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Happy birthday Colton!!

My sweet little boy is three years old. Man time just flies, I look at him and want to see my little baby boy, but no "do it by myself" is what I hear is the going phrase!!

So as keeping with my tradition:

Three things I love most about you!!

1. Your smile, it goes from the tips of your toes all the way to the top of your head. You just light up, and I LOVE that!!

2. You worry about everyone, when we drop the kids off at school or they
just are not with us, you are sincerely want to know where they are and

when we are going to pick them up!!

3. You love to cuddle, anytime really, but most often when you are tired, you want me to lay with you or you want me to rock you in the rocking chair, and your famous words are; " mommy let me get you", then we proceed to the chair or bed where you will rub my mole on my arm!!

My sweet little Colton you are such a joy in my life, you bring life to life. I love looking at it through your eyes. You are an amazing little boy, and I love you with all my heart. As I sat and thought about this post it was hard because there were so many things I could think that I love about you!!

For your birthday, we started out the day at Jumpin Jacks. Which you totally loved!! Then we went to the Washington Rec. center and swam and played in the water. Then we went home got dad changed clothes and went to McDonald's for dinner, we stopped and saw grandma on the way home. Then you went down stairs to watch a movie while I finished cake and Merissa finished wrapping presents. Well you passed out hard (naked no less) on the living room floor, so I picked you up, and whispered in your ear do you want to open your presents, no response, ok how bought you open them in the morning, and you said yeah! And you where just out!! So stinkin cute!! It was good that way we had cake the next day after Jake got home and he at least got to be with us for that!! It was a success even if we did have to eat cake and open presents the next day!! Love ya buddy!!