Monday, July 28, 2008

A WEEK!!!!!

I can hardly believe that our sweet little angel is a week old already! It really doesn't seem fair that it is going so fast, and all I have done for this whole week, is hold her and just stare in awe of this beautiful angel that has graced our home. I am so in love that sometimes I feel my heart swell in my chest so huge that I think its going to burst inside, I just love her with all the love of a first time mom.
My children are so sweet with Makenna, they constantly want to hold and kiss and love her, she is definitely loved, no doubt for sure very loved!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

She's here

I am very proud to announce and introduce you to "Makenna Jennifer Taylor" she weighed 8 pounds 7 ounces and was 20 .5 inches long. She is the sweetest little girl ever! We are all truly in love with this newest little member of our family, the kids can't get enough of her, they are always by her side. We feel very blessed to have another healthy baby. What can I say I am in love, and continually fall in love over again as I watch each of my sweet children kiss and hug and delight in her every movement and sound she makes, we love you very much sweet baby girl and welcome to our home!!!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Dr. visit

Well I went yesterday, and I didn't hear what I wanted too!!! I am only at a 2+ but not all the way to the head, he said it was more like a 1+, and the head is still pretty far up!! (pout) Not that I'm ready or anything but I guess I just wanted to be further along than this!! He asked if I wanted him to strip me, and I said how about next week! He thought that was funny since I was disappointed that I hadn't done more! Well I just want to be more progressed so that when I do go into labor it wont take as long!! I know weird but in my mind that's what I'm thinking!! LOL! So I said I know its just a guess but how much do you think she weighs right now, he laughed and said my best guess would be between 7-8 lbs. I'm thinking man it would be so nice to only have a 7-8 lb baby, but Alas I guess it is not in the cards for this mommy!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Home Sweet Home!!

Well, we are home, it was a great trip but I must say, that it is wonderful to be home. We got home Sunday, and yep a week later I am just now getting to this! I would say over all it was a great trip everyone had a great time, one thing the Dr. said was I dont care if you go but I want you to stop every hour to hour and a half and get out and walk around. (because of blood clots from sitting) So we stopped ALOT!! Which of course made the long drive even longer, but it wasnt just good for me it was good for the kids as well!!

I think on the way everyone made notes on where they wanted to stop on the way back, our stops were alot more planned on the way home!

We got to Carson City earlyWednesday, and we went to the trailer park, unhooked and Randy went to work and the kids and I stayed and went to the pool, Randy ended up working till like 11- or 12 not sure that night, I think he wanted to get as much done as quickly so we could go and do a few things. So Thursday when he went in, I actually went and dropped him off and we went to Mervyns to do some school clothes shopping, he called about 1 and had us come get him and we went to Lake Tahoe, which of couse was very beautiful, although I dont think as beautiful as it usually is because of all the fires that were burning so close, so it was very smokey. It didnt stop us from having fun! We found an awesome little beach to go play at, and its really quite funny but I think after everyone touched the water I think everyone but Merissa had desided against putting on their bathing suits and swimming. So I walked back with Merissa and got her suit, well Monica soon relized that Merissa had hers on and was getting in alot deeper and it didnt seem so bad so she wanted hers on. Do you see where this is going.................yes one by one I walked ech of them back to the car and to the restroom to put on their suits, except Randy of course, who stayed in his boots and jeans and Hat!!!

Friday, we went into Reno. Randy needed to get some things from a supplier there, so he found us the mall and then went to find his tile store, we got more school clothes shopping done(YAY), he got his things, and we drove back, on the way back we stopped at a little candy factory place and all the kids picked out some candy and we went back to Carson city dropped off the stuff to his guys, and went back and went swimming!!

We headed back Saturday, I was actually quite anxouis to get home, I just felt so nervous being to close to the baby and being so far from home!! Wierd I know, but Im ok with that!

So on the way home we stopped along the road where there was like a sand dunes and people had stopped and wrote their names in black rocks on the white sand salt stuff, so of course my children were going to do the same!! It was really freakin hot out and they were beat red when they got back in, and whether anyone will ever be able to read their tiny little names I dont know but they had fun!!

Our next stop was the shoe tree!! Yep, the shoe tree, so funny this tree loaded down with thousands of all kinds of shoes, and well since Jake just got new shoes for school he desided that

this was a great place to put his old ones, and well I couldnt argue so, up went his old tennis shoes!!

Our next stop was more of just Mom is really hurting and needs to get out and walk around kind of stop, but turned into a game of tag, and the kids just thought it was the funniest thing in the world to see how slow Mom was running so the new rule became if mom was chasing you, you couldnt run, so the little ones would get mom, because of course they still ran and mom got the big ones because they couldnt run cause mom was chasing them!!! Everyone of course laughed very hard when someone taged Dad and he put some speed on and snagged Michale, I dont think anyone was expecting that!

When we stopped for the night, and everyone was laying in bed and Randy was asking everyone what there favorite parts of the trip were, it really hit me when so many of them said playing tag on the side of the raod! TAG, its amazing you know we think we need to do so much for our children all of the time, but really all they want is time, and well maybe a game of tag!!