Friday, November 28, 2008


I am so thankful for so many things in my life, I have the most amazing Husband in the world, he is so even tempered, he treats me like I'm a princess, he loves our children as much as I do, he loves god, he does whatever I ask of him, he plays with his kids, he loves to go to church, he is an awesome listener, OK so I really could keep going, but I do want to go spend time with my family!! LOL
I am so thankful for the most amazing children in the world, they are so good, they do what I ask (even if I have to ask a couple of times, sometimes, they still do it!), they love to cuddle, they like to play with me, they don't get embarrassed when I want a kiss in front of someone, they love Jesus, they love to read, they choose the right, yep I'm going to stop again even though I could keep it up!!
I am so thankful for awesome in laws that are more like my real family (which they are), my sweet sister in law, that is really my good friend or sister, or BOTH!! Yay me!!
My awesome brother in law, that is one of those uncles, that spoils my kids rotten, but you also wonder what he's teaching your kids behind your back, and you hope it has no lasting affects!
My sweet mother in law that is so generous, always trying to make it to the kids activities, and spoil the kids!!
My darling mom, whom I am so thankful for she comes to my house almost every morning to watch the kids so I can take the older ones to school, because that is usually the same time the baby wants to go back to bed, so she stays and watches them so Makenna can stay in bed.
I am so thankful for a loving Heavenly father who watches over me and mine, I know with all my heart that he loves me! I am so thankful for that knowledge!!
I am so thankful for ALL of my friends and the amazing example they all are to me I love each and everyone of you, you all inspire me to be better to try a little harder, thank you!!
I want to thank Teresa and Mitch for an amazing Thanksgiving day, dinner was wonderful, company was wonderful and your house is looking great!!
Oh and guess what, MY PICTURES ARE DONE you can go HERE to check them out, they are amazing, I love them!!
These are all of the pictures (well not all) from Thanksgiving (it may seem that way though since I put so many on) we had a lot of fun as you can see!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I so feel like a whole new woman, mom, wife, ready to do it all again!! Friday started our girls weekend, twilight movie, scrapbook weekend. So stinkin much fun!!

So Friday night we went to the movie and it was so stinkin awesome, cause my totally awesome hubby kept the baby so I could enjoy the movie!! (so tell me what did you think of the movie)

The only time we left was to get food or drinks, and church, oh and the girls had to dance, but that another post!!

I'm sad that I didn't get a picture when all of us were together, so in the picture with all of us there is actually 3 of us missing, oh and Makenna, she was sleeping!!

My husband is so amazing, he watched all the kids getting them to everything they had to do through the weekend, and not a single complaint, he just kept saying you need this, just enjoy yourself!! He is awesome and I love him so much, he's the best!!

I'm really excited our sneak peek is up on Kelly's site you can check them out HERE just scroll down a little bit, so stinkin cute, I can hardly wait to see the rest!! Tell me what you think!!

So here is what I got done over the weekend I am very excited I feel like I got a lot done, it was so good to scrap book, I just love this hobby!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Here is the picture of my darling niece opening her blanket that I made for her, such a sweet girl. I was very touched watching her open her presents, she lovingly opened her cards, first I might add and read them didn't just check for money, and ohhhhhhhh and aaaaaahhhhhhhh over each, any way I thought it was awesome, hope she loves her blankie!!
Well, on to the next sport, here's Jake at one of his wrestling matches, its really kind of a gross sport, but I really enjoy watching him, he just has this look on his face of intense concentration, and he has no one to blame if he doesn't medal.
Here's a picture of one of the girls favorite doo's we got the idea from HERE, just scroll down and you'll see the directions, I love it getting all the awesome ideas I get from all these sites, and all the step by step instructions, thank you ladies for all your hard work!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

crazy, crazy, crazy!!!

I keep thinking will it really slow down, see, see, see, even my thoughts are running ahead of my typing. I mean life, will it ever slow down for a mother with 7 children?? My guess is, no!! I swear it actually is picking up speed, I was thinking lets just get Halloween over, but oh no that was a dumb thought because, HELLO, now there is Thanksgiving, Christmas, and than birthdays allover again!! Sheesh!! Ok enough complaining!
Last week I decided a little on the late side what to get my niece for her birthday, when she was a baby I had crocheted around a flannel blanket and she still carries that blankie around (this is her 8Th birthday by the way) so I decided she needed an upgrade to one more her size now, so I made her the cutest purple rag quilt, I took a pic of her opening her present I will post it later, but I think I was way more excited to give it to her then she was to open her presents, but hey her cousins were there and that was by far the most important thing for her!!
Ok then I have had the crazy issue of getting ready for family pictures oh my goodness so stinkin stressful, trying to coordinate everyone colors being wrong oh my gosh I cant even tell you, for a week I think I went in every store in town and then Randy was working in parowan so he even checked Cedar!! But I happy to say that as of last night pictures are DONE!!! Yay, unfortunately my little sweet Makenna did not smile once!! Little stinker, oh well now I will be haunting Kelly's blog to see if she puts up a sneak peek for us HERE . So that is what has been going on here in my neck of the woods, have a great weekend everyone!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I'm trying really hard, to get my mind around this, OK so I went to Dixie, growing up. My kids now go to pine view and play for pine view. So Saturday was Jake's last football game, and yep they had to play Dixie, which you know my son's out there yeah go pine view. But is it OK if I silently kinda root for Dixie too? And man their uniforms, that bright blue and white they just look so nice, but still more than anything its just I was so trained to dislike pine view so I almost cringe, thinking this is where my kids go, and Jake is always like pine view rules yeah, we rock, pine view is the best school ever, and inside I'm dieing, I'm like no stop don't say that ahhhhhhhhhhhh it burns stop, but I'm only saying that on the inside because of course it would crush him if I really said that!! So without further ado............
Jake had his last game Saturday and they crushed Dixie, yes I mean they crushed them!! Jake did some awesome blocking, his offence was amazing. You ROCK bud!! Some pretty cute spectators too!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween cuties

Halloween was kinda a crazy day, I felt like I just ran and ran all day, but it was tons of fun!!
We started our day getting the kids ready in their costumes, Jake was a foot ball player, Merissa was a fairy, we got our hair do idea from here (just scroll down a bit to the fairy) it looked so cute!! Monica was a princess, and we got her hair idea from here, just with short hair! She looked way cute!! Jayden was Spider man and Colton was a moo moo, and sweet little Makenna was an Angel! Got the kids off to school then came back the little ones put their costumes on and we went over to the school, met dad there watched the kids parade around, which they changed how they did it this year and it was madness just crazy I sure hope they go back to weaving in and out of the classes even if they would just walk around the school it would be better instead of trying to parade around the play ground there just was not enough room so there was lots of different lines and it took me forever to see all of my kids! Then I let the kids play for a little while with some of his friends from the neighborhood then we were getting ready to go home and Jayden says "Mom spider man is hungry" I thought it was funny I said OK tell spider man we'll grab a sandwich right now!! The kids got out of school early, got them home they finished their jobs, I ran to Costco, got home fixed hair and make-up ate dinner and then off to see grandma and grandpa, we visited a bit the kids trick-or-treated around their house a bit then we left and went to this huge house Sarah told us about last year they gave out regular size candy bars and they hide rides and balloons for the kids it was really neat, we came back Randy took the kids in our neighbor hood, when we got home Colton was done so I stayed with the 2 little ones! It was really fun!! I think it was another success!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Birthday update

Monica had a fabulous birthday!! She was so excited all day long, saying its my birthday, its my birthday!! She wanted crepes for her birthday breakfast, then for a cake she wanted to do Halloween cupcakes. Randy and I picked her up for lunch, and of course she wanted to go to pizza factory for her # 7 pizza!! Her happiness was so contagious, she was just filled with utter joy all day!! After school we waited for her 3 friends she got to invite to go with us to the Washington rec. center, where we had a blast!! She opened her presents, and loved them all, she also got birthday money from grandma Taylor, and Jones, from Aunt Glenda, and a gift card to toys-r-us from Aunt Teresa Mitch and Shelbi!! Thank you everyone she was very excited as she opened all of her presents and cards!! Then to top off her night after everyone went home she wanted Carl's Jr. for dinner! Then she asked Daddy for one more present, she wanted to sleep with Mommy!! Yeah Monica we loved celebrating with you!! Love you sweet girl!! Kisses and Hugs!!