Monday, March 24, 2008

SO SORRY!!!!!!!

Ok so sorry, I can hardly believe that it has been 3 weeks since I have posted. So let me start with Michale's birthday it was so fun, I took her balloons to school put some out side the house with a big ol bright pink sign that said happy sweet 16 Michale!!! Then I put more balloons in her room, then we had her name on the radio, then we took her to dinner to Texas Road house for dinner and of course got her on the saddle thus the pictures!! Then I took her to the mall to spend some of her birthday money, then we went to the movie!! The next night she hung out with friends!! Over all I think she had a great birthday!! She also has now passed her drivers test and as of Monday watch out on the road she will have her drivers licence!! (scary I know!!!!)
East was a ton of fun the little boys were only interested for a little while, then they thought it would be more fun to drive the jeep around and look at all the eggs and watch their brother and sisters run for eggs!!! LOL
I'm doing good, working a ton thus the reason for no posts, just s beat after working 5-6 days a week but the have hired more, so this week I only have 4 days which I am so happy!! Baby is doing awesome Randy felt the baby move for the first time the other night so that was exciting!!
We went out to sand hollow and rode 4-wheelers Friday and Saturday, Colton just cracks me up, if we would slow down or stop to talk (Randy and I) then he would point ahead and yell go go, ride, go!! Very impatient!! It was pretty nice Friday but Saturday was pretty miserable, it was so windy that no one was really having much fun getting sand blasted, and as for me I have decided that I really like trail riding more then the sand!!

Monday, March 3, 2008


Ok I need fast help, this is the deal it is my sweet daughters 16th birthday on thursday, and I really want to make it memrable for her, I was thinking I would like to put a sign ouside the house??? Maybe on the car??? Maybe send her some balloons and flowers to school??? Help what should I do??? How can I make this so so so awesome for her??? Please, please help let me know your thoughts, what the signs could say, balloons outside the house? HELP!!!!

Jayden's birthday was Saturday, he was so cute and excited about his special day, he kept asking am I still 4 mommy??!! We went to Mcdonalds, his best buddy Hunter came and played with us he was very happy about that!!

Saturday was also our wards primary quarterly activity, they made kites and then let the kids go out in the parking lot, yep the parking lot and told them to run and fly their kites (I bet you know where this is going) so a little boy trips over Monica and she falls and face plants it into the asphalt and all 4 of her top front teeth are loose the top ones barely hanging there, so I just pulled them out they were a little loose so I think she was going to loose them in the next few months any way, but she was so broken hearted, and she totally has hung on me, so glad I didnt have to work, she was already crying that I had to go to work last night, and we left church early yesterday because it was hurting her!!