Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Schools out!!! I am so excited, my kids got out Friday. But I guess today would be there first official day of summer!! I just love having my kids home, I love playing with them, and oh am I feeling like I really need them all to know how much I love them and how special each and everyone of them are to me before the baby comes!!

So I'm going to back up a couple of days and tell you my sweet darling Michale went on her first "date" a Senior boy named Jeff asked her to the cheapskate dance, she was very excited and I was alot nervous, the poor kid I grilled him when he got here, and made sure he new that I had a very special girl here and I wanted her returned the same way I sent her, Randy just said Honor your priesthood and you'll having nothing to worry about!! Of course I still worried!!!

Friday as soon as the kids got out of school we were almost all packed and ready to go on our first camping trip, we went to Enterprise and ended up staying in the camp ground which drives Randy nuts but it was so rainy that if we tried to go any where else it was like a big mud pit!! But every time the sun came out we jumped on the 4-wheelers and motorcycles and rode till we where either frozen or it started to rain again, we saw some beautiful country!! I think we might head back up that way again this weekend we saw a great camp site that will be awesome and then we will be able to see a little more since its supposed to be dry this weekend!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Wonderful life

It all started Thursday, with Jayden and our Mother's day tea party, he was so stinkin cute, he was telling me for weeks that I was going to cry at his tea party, and I would ask him why and sometimes he would say you will see, and sometimes he would say because we sing you a song that is just so darn sweet!!

So then we get there and he comes in and is singing to me, and all the while he is wiggling his eyebrows up and down at me, I was have a hard time squeezing out a tear in between my giggles. Then we go into the class room and spread out our blanket, and he gets to serve me some snacks, he kept saying do like it? I LOVED it my boy!!

Next was Kindergarten graduation, Monica was so stinkin cute, she was a little hard to see on the back row, but her little class was just awesome, they were just singin and singin. Then we went to class and she got her diploma, she has just adored her teacher this year, if we have had more then a weekend off of school she would start complaining about how much she misses her teacher, and when is she going back to school because she just really cant stand one more day without her!!

I feel so blessed, I have the most amazing family and friends!! On Saturday my awesome friends had a baby shower for me, it was so fun opening so many pink little packages. But the best part was all of my wonderful friends and family that came to celebrate this day with me. Thank you I love you all and feel very blessed to have you all a part of my life!!
Since Monica is almost seven and we had moved to Hawaii after she was little we didn't save anything, so I literally had nothing for a girl, and now I'm well on my way!! Thank you I love you!!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Jayden is heartbroken

When we went out side yesterday morning, Jayden kept saying to me, the birds nest looks crazy mommy, so I took him over and we looked and they are gone, I think mama bird moved them, at least that's what I want to believe. They did over flow the nest, they were resting their heads on the outside of the nest because they were so squished in there, so I just want to believe that she moved them!! Jayden wants to know what tree they are in now? Its so cute, he just loves those birds and cant stop talking about them!!

Today is the first day of my 3rd trimester, wow it just seems so crazy, it is going so fast. I am starting to have a hard time with my hips and back, by the end of the day its hurting so bad!! Then I go to bed and end up getting up because my hips hurt so bad that I just cant lay there anymore. Don't think I'm not grateful for this sweet little baby I am! I'm just complaining that I hurt!! I am so excited to meet this sweet little one, but on the other hand I want her to stay in there, because she is the last one I will feel, and I know I will miss it, and I know once she's here she will grow so fast, it will probably be like a time warp and I ll be one of those mom's with a bunch of crazy teenagers!! So for now I'm good with where she is, I love her with all my heart but I want to enjoy every last second of every kick and hiccup, or whatever she is doing in there!! I love you my sweet baby!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I can't believe...........

the change in the birds in just 1 week, it is just amazing to me. Now I am afraid they have outgrown their nest and they will leave us soon. My kids love having these sweet little babies in our yard and ask a dozen times a day to look in the nest!!
Here is my sweet little Monica and her new do!! She donated her hair to locks of love!! She has been so excited about her hair and just loves to flaunt it around. I think she looks absolutely adorable!! She was so excited for her teacher to see it on Monday she could hardly wait she wondered and wondered if she would recognize her!! So cute!!