Monday, June 23, 2008

My first

And I have to say that I am hopelessly addicted to these darling albums, and Monica is so stinkin excited she keeps lookin and lookin!! Anyway this is about the sum of my accomplishment so far for the summer, I know its not much but it was a ton of fun!! I am going to work on a flower shaped one for Merissa.

So we are off to Carson city in the morning. Randy got a job up there so we are making it a kind of a working vacation, I think we will go into Reno try to hit the mall and start the kids school clothes shopping since we go back to school August 12th and I want to get ti started at least before Makenna gets here!! so if anyone knows of a good Local scrapbook store I need to visit let me know, we are also planning on going to Lake Tahoe and who knows what else, I know that we don't have a ton of time and Randy does have to work some days and we are coming back on Sunday. Michale leaves for girls camp on Tuesday or we would have stayed longer.
I'm feeling great, very hot and starting to have contractions, I am definitely starting to thin out, its getting so close now, I am so excited to meet our little girl!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I have.................

Been feeling so insecure about the sex of this baby, I really felt from the beginning that this was our little girl, then my wonderful friends through me a baby shower because I had nothing for a girl, all my girl stuff I sold when we moved to Hawaii, so really we had nothing! Anyway, we had our first ultra sound and they said yep its a girl so I was good Its a girl!! Yay well you know how doubt starts creeping in so right before the shower I wanted to go have another ultra sound, but I never did. So I got some really cute stuff, but it has sat in her dresser hangers and tags and all!! I wouldn't take any of it off, so last week I said this is crazy I'm going to one of those little places and just going to peek one more time, I have really been feeling like I needed to get her stuff washed and see what I still need. So I went and the first this she says to me is well surprise mom..........................................................................................................................................................
Yep, its definitely a GIRL!!! Yay, OK so now we can look and see how cute this baby is, well I don't know if you can tell on these pics but they are the 3D kind so very cool, in the first one off to the right is a profile of her face, the second is her hand covering her face over to the right side again, in the last its still over to the right but more kitty corner and her nose is kinda resting on her hand, which by the way she kept that arm up by her face the whole time!! So we got us a little girl and I'm so excited to meet her, not much longer, 6 weeks!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Look who's 2!!!

Yep, another birthday! Hey when you have so many kids your constantly having a birthday, although we are going to go through a dry spell now until baby comes and then until October when its Monica's! Anyway, the poor little guy I don't think really knew what to think because everyone kept singing to him all day and he would just look at you like, what is your deal!! Then by the end of the day he was saying two, two!!! Then watching him with his cake oh it was priceless the kids kept saying

blow, blow, then he would just make a quick little blow, it was so dang cute!!

We did another camping trip the weekend of the 30Th 31st and the 1st of June, it was so nice out, the weather was perfect, warm during the day and then cool at night. I'm really hoping to get at least one more trip in before the baby comes, but it is definitely getting harder, the further along I am getting!