Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Wow it has just been so crazy, this time of year is just run, run, run!! Thanks giving was awesome, it was so great to have all my family here, we didn't have to choose where we were going to spend it, we had both sides of the family come here!! I'm really excited about this book that I am putting together, (and roped a couple of great friends into doing also!!) Its my thankful book I took a picture of everyone on thanksgiving and had everyone write what they are thankful for!! I got I think 14 pages pre-made so I'm hoping to get back to it and get all the pictures printed and put it together!!

I didn't go out black Friday until about 9 a.m. Michale came with me so that was really fun, I think our deal of the day was the leather coats we got at JcPenny for $48 they are originally $200, but I get mine now and she has to wait till Christmas!! What a mean mom!! I did finish her up with some clothes and some boots, I just have to get stocking stuffers and shes done, Jake is about done also, but that is about as far as Ive gotten, I'm debating on the train set at Costco for the boys, the one that has its own table and drawers underneath for when your not playing!! Merissa I think is going to get a Karaoke Machine, Monica is pretty easy I will probably just get her more Polly pockets or maybe some of the pet shop stuff like that!!

The girls performed at the Jubilee of trees, that was a lot of fun then they also have the dickens festival coming up!! Merissa got to do her Show team dance for the first time, she thought that was a lot of fun, and they are hoping to get to do their hip hop dance this time!!

Oh yea before I forget Jayden my sweet boy, ok let me start at the beginning, I was getting my nails done it was about 7 p.m. I get a call from Merissa she says, daddy said to call me that Jayden got hurt and he is bleeding, and dad cant talk cause he is trying to stop the bleeding and he might have to take Jayden to the Dr., so Natalie finishes my nails and I head home and I call home on my way Randy says its not so bad he doesn't think he will need stitches he thinks a band aide will be fine, Im thinking oh good it just must have looked alot worse with all the blood!! So I get home and Randy is just getting Jayden out of the tub and I pick him up and tell him mommy needs to look under his band aide he of course starts bawling his head off and I tell him I'm not going to touch it just look (oh by the way it is still oozing blood down his face from under the band aide!!) so I pull back the band aide, oh my word is that his brain or skull that I'm looking at?? Then of course I scream RANDY!!! He answers back from the other room, I know I just wanted you to be the bad guy and say he needed stitches!! So 6 stitches later and a VERY unhappy little boy that took mom dad and 2 nurse and one Doctor!! He tells me that he was running SUPER fast and Colton wouldn't get out of his way and he fell on the corner of the banister!!!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Universal Studios

The girls performed on friday, it was such a great experience for them!! They did such a great job!! The light was not good so my pictures didnt turn out very good so Im bummed about that, but they were so cute up there on stage, and they were just happy to be there!!

The day at Universal was way fun, they only had 2 real rides but they were both alot of fun, Jurassic park and the Mummy ride! Merissa rode the first along with Monica and Jake, Michale and I then Randy and I switched and Monica stayed the poor little thing was scarred to death! Its really just the end of it that is scary, but she was pretty dang serious that she was never riding that ride again!! LOL
Then of course the other kids were totally excited about the "RED CARPET" LOL we're movie stars, Im so Hot Just a coule of the things I kept hearing!!

Then of course we hit the beach a couple of days, and the kids had a blast Colton sure wasnt sure about the ocean I kinda had to drag him over to it and then would run away as quick as I let him go!!

Home now and its back to running like crazy! But it was a great get away!!