Friday, December 5, 2008


Its been a while since I gave you an update on our sweet little princess Makenna so I thought I would let you know, she is now about 4 and a half months old and at her 4 month check weighed 16 pounds and was 26 inches long, so she was on the 91 % for weight and 97 for height, I think or it might have been the other way around, she's growing any way and that's whats important, right!! She's reaching and grabbing stuff with alot of accuracy, in fact when now when I'm nursing her, she's grabbing my book! She has brought so much love into our home, the kids still love to hold her, Merissa thinks she is mommy number 2!! Merissa does fabulous with her, and Makenna loves her back!! She has quite a temper, when she wants held you better do it now!! Heaven knows she will scream until you do, Randy claims that comes from my side of the family, the Germans to be exact!! I don't believe I know what he's talking!! Makenna's newest trick, rolling from her tummy to her back, she has been trying really hard to get from her back to her tummy, but her little temper comes out when she cant do it, then screams for me!! She is such a joy in our home and we are so thankful for this bright spot in out home. I feel so blessed to be her mommy and am so thankful to my heavenly father to bless us with this angel, the kids can truly not get enough of her!! We love you sweet Makenna.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Small changes.......

Big excitement!! Just look at this pretty face isn't she cute.......yep, you don't have to tell me I know she is!! LOL So this is her picture before going to the orthodontist this morning. The count down began about a week or two ago, all this sweet little girl can talk about is POPCORN, ROLLO'S, skittles, gummy bears, starburst, Carmel's, you name it she's talkin about it. Well her time was up this morning, and she went into the office skipping, Jake of course trudged behind because he is no where near done!! In fact everyone in the office this morning had big ol' smiles on their faces, (but Jake) they do all the taking of the braces off at the same time, so it was a very happy atmosphere!! She has to go back tomorrow afternoon for her two retainers, then only every 3 months for check ups!!