Sunday, September 27, 2009


Yep, I got em!! I have only 6 days to the marathon, I'm feeling such a wide range of emotions, am I ready, has my injury set me back, am I going to screw my hips up even more, where are my freakin friends and why didn't they sign up (cause between you and me it has be HARD training without them), Wow it is finally here, I am strong, I can do anything I set my mind to, even alone, or not, my amazing husband, whom would get up (or at least try) at 5:30 in the morning on a Saturday to take me to the top of marathon then stop at various increments to make sure I had gu and water and gum, he is just such an amazing guy, I am truly blessed!!
I think I m as ready as I'm going to be, I don't think my hips are going to truly get better until I quit running for a while, or do shorter runs, these 18 and 20 milers definitely don't help!! LOL
So for the rest of the week I'm sure the butterflies will intensify and peek at 6 am on October 3!! Anyone that wants to come say hi anywhere along the path or at the finish is greatly appreciated, thank you for all you prayers and support!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009


How did I get so lucky? I often ask myself this question, Michale is such an amazing young woman, I am so proud to be her mom!!

I got the privilege of helping her once again get ready for the dance. She knew she wanted her hair down, dress ready nails makeup, good to go. she kept the poor boy waiting like a half an hour, but I think it was worth it cause, I got to watch his face as she walked down the stairs, and I think he felt the same way as her dad did when he saw her!! WOW!!
She had a lot of fun and he was a gentlemen, opening her doors and all!! She had a blast!!

The BEAST!!!

The beast returned for her final powder puff game, a little more aware of the rules this time, involving no soccer!! Michale, was so funny, so tough, she said she was going to eat juniors for dinner!! lol Man do they play tough, jut down right mean!! I seriously wondered if they all hate each other now!! Girls fought threw punches cussed at each other and through it all, flag really, hmmm more like
tackle, but wait wouldn't that be rugby, isn't that football with no padding, cause that's what this was!! lol

Michale walked away sporting a split lip a bruised shoulder, and countless other aches and pains. The best part, Kenny paid Michale $20 to crow like a chicken on the field, and she did it!!! lol

Weird mom!!

Ive decided, that's all there is to it!! Weird, strange, crazy, abnormal!! OK here it is, I didn't want my kids to go back to school, I like my kids home, no I LOVE my kids home. We go to the park, we go to the pool, we go camping, it doesn't matter really we stay home and play games, I really don't care, I'm with my kids, I love my kids they make me happy!! I just love being a MOM!!

Any way I guess it had to happen so they are all back in school, 5 of them this year and if you count Colton being in pre-school 2 days a week then 6, now that is crazy. So I changed Jayden from afternoon to morning because that is when Colton has school, so now I can take Makenna with me and go help in the kids class rooms!! Yay, I am so excited for that!!

So Michale is a Senior this year, which is so so crazy to me, going to the college for most of the day, then back to the high school for a couple of classes, and her "Senior experience"!!

Jake is now at the intermediate school, which he just loves, feels so much more grown up, so that is fun for him, I am so excited for him and this new phase he is going through!!

Merissa got Mr. Anderson this year, which is so awesome. We are so excited to have this amazing teacher once again.

Monica got Mrs. Turnbeaugh this year, she is so awesome so grandmotherly just what Monica needs!!
Jayden got Mrs. Cardon, he was a little nervous but excited!!
And Mr. Colton got the most amazing pre-school teacher with the cutest little school ever!! I knew it was a big hit when he came home the first day and showed me his big A little a and the sound is aaaaaaaaaaaaa so so cute!! YAY

I cant believe....................

I have lest my blog so long, and the longer I have left it I thought ohhhhh, there is so so so so, much to catch up on but the crazy thing is the longer I leave it the more I have to do. So after some consulting I have decided to do a quick over view until I am caught up, then I will hopefully stay caught up!!! LOL LIFE!

So we did a lot of camping this summer and that was mainly the extent of all of our vacationing this summer, but we love to camp and the kids cant get enough of it so that's OK with us!! We found this great little place up in Yankee meadow that everyone loves, lots of great ridding trails, fishing, and of course the stream with running water that the kids had a blast playing in, so it is the new favorite around here!!

So here is a few pictures from our camp outs. Have had friends, my brother in law and even our sister in law join us on different trips, and of course mike and meghan, joined us on a couple so it has been a lot of fun this summer, And then of course the not so fun, Jake thinks it is so funny to catch snakes and freak me out because I do not, I mean do not, like snakes, so of course there they were finding one under the little bridge!! Stinkers!
And Jake completed his hunter safety, and passed his tests with flying colors. He is so excited now, Randy and Jake have been going dove hunting and Jake of course has big plans for all the hunts!!