Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lots of hair!!

Well, my little sweetie got her first tooth yesterday, she is by far my oldest to get teeth, but she is my best to not be biting me, when shes eating. The other bottom tooth is going to be in, in

a day or two!!

Here is a couple more hair do's for ya. The bad thing about Merissa's do is that it took FOREEVVEEERRRRR, I mean like almost an hour!! (good thing it was Sunday) But there was also a bright side, we left the braids in all night and took them out the next morning, and waalaa a new hair do in about two seconds, add a head band and your done!! So thus your day one do Here, she did 4 braids on the top, I did 6. I also think this do would be darling in 2 buns on the sides with braids on top weaved!!

I started Monica's do with mostly this, the only change I made was to do half up half down and curled all the down. Then did knots across the top and pulled them back into her pony!!

Monica's, second do I just kinda made up, cause lets be honest, Merissa's do was so easy that I wanted another easy do. So I divided the hair in half long ways like doing half up half down, then with the top half, I parted it down the middle then did pony's on both sides, then did like an x just twisting from the top pony's crossing over to the other corner, then put it into the buns, curling the hair down, very cute very easy!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

7 months

My sweet little Makenna, is getting so much personality!! It is so fun watching her bloom into who she is!! The kids still adore her, and watch every move she makes.
She is cruising right along, it seems she is doing something new everyday! She can sit up by herself, you know how they start out kinda hunched over, no more of that she sits big and tall now!! She also, just started this trick yesterday, she got to the stairs and grabbed onto the stair pulled herself into a kneeling position, and then boop she was up on her feet standing up to the stairs. Little stinker, shes not supposed to do that yet!! Then of course we have the, getting onto her knees, then pulling herself forward, like an army crawl!! She totally is saying Ma ma.
She is such a joy in our lives, we are so blessed to have the sweet baby girl, and we all love her dearly.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

check this out............

OK, so I have been totally playing with a couple of pictures since Jenn, taught me a few things and I am so stinkin excited, I don't think I will send another picture to be printed with out a few adjustments ever again. I am so excited by it all, its just like a gray haze is lifted off, my pictures. I think the saddest part is that you totally don't even realize it until you see the difference and then its like.............Whoa!! All up in your face like!! Bam!!
(OK that's
creepy now I sound like my kids)
OK, so tell me what you think, pretty cool huh??

Sunday, February 22, 2009

She's still mine.........

Isn't she just stunning??? OK you don't have to answer, cause yep, I know she is!!! She went to preference last night, she asked a very nice boy in our ward. They are friends and he kept getting asked by a girl he didn't want to go with, so he kept bugging her to ask him, so he wouldn't have to go with the other girl. So she decided to ask him. She saved up a bunch of news papers and shredded them in the shredder, then went to his house while he was in church (where she should have been), threw the paper all over his room hid a bunch of his stuff, put Vaseline all over the door handles and his game controls.
Then he called me on Tuesday and asked if he could return some of Michale's stuff!! LOL, Anyway I said yes one catch though, you cant do her room because she shares with her little sisters and they will be the ones to clean it all up, but you can do her truck, he wanted a key and he was off. Boy did he get her back, her threw all the paper all over her truck put Vaseline all over her steering wheel, her mirrors, her door handle, blinkers, shifter, needless to say it was a mess!! But you get what you give!! LOL
They started their day here, at 7:30 for breakfast, I made them waffles with strawberries and whip cream, eggs, sausage and bacon. Then they went up to the Dixie rock and went hiking, then he had to be home at 11:30 to go to a meeting. Then they met back up at 6:00 where I tortured them with a ton of pictures and off they went to dinner and the dance, I must say I was proud of her, I told her midnight and she was home at like 11:30. She had tons of fun!!
OK her hair (Sherrie) I put corn rows across the top saving the bangs out to go across, then pulled half up, then did an upside down knot, so the hair would be like a water fall down her back, then we just did tons of spiral curls layer upon layer, and TONS of hair spray!! She was gorgeous!! But she's still mine!! (for now anyways)

Friday, February 20, 2009

Girls night

Last night was girls night, we were celebrating Renee's birthday, so we got to go to dinner first, Olive Garden, so yummy!!

I learned so awesome things to do with my pictures, Thanks Jenn, you rock!! Check her out HERE, she's awesome, now don't die cause I'm not converting but, I could really do a little of this, yep this page you see is digital!! Crazy I know, I totally felt like I was cheating on my scrap book stuff!! But there again Jenn totally went over the whole thing and told me what to do, she is totally awesome at the whole digital scrap booking thing. We totally fixed all the pictures in, this scrap book page which totally stokes me, because they look so much better!! It just amazes me what a few little clicks can do!!

So check out my sweet little baby girl, is she totally not just the cutest little sweetie you have ever seen????? WELL, isn't she?? I knew you would agree!! Just look at her, she is so growing up, 7 months tomorrow, hmmmmmmmmm maybe I will have to dedicate a post to her tomorrow!! Any way, look at her, she is totally up on her knees, then she lunges forward and scoots, then gets back up on her knees and goes for it again!!
OK are these 2 girls not just the cutest, if my camera is sitting there, she will grab it and I will go home with tons of pictures of her, well I sat and watched her and livie totally ham it up, it was so stickin cute I just loved it!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ahoy matey

The kids have been driving us nuts wanting to go to pirate island pizza (probably because Randy told them he would take them a few weeks ago), s0 Monday when the kids were out of school we took them. The place was crazy busy, but it was SSSSOOOOOOOOOOOO cool. They had to have spent a fortune on the atmosphere, but it totally worked it was so neat!! The kids were so stoked, they were bouncing off the walls the whole time we were there. They had a variety of foods, of course alot

of pizza, but alot of other things too!! Of course it was on the high side, if you took one look at the place, inside then you would know why. Then of course the kids want you to unload your whole paycheck on tokens, to get a 100 tickets that they get a toy that maybe cost a quarter, but I guess you cant think of it like that. The kids had fun and that is what is important. Some good family time!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

No more Hearts!!

Ok so the girls are SSSSSOOOOOO done with the hearts!! They have been so good about me doing their hair all up in hearts (not like I don't do their hair anyways) But the hearts were fun!! So last night they said they DID NOT want hearts, so we went through the hair sites and Monica decided on This, which I LOVED, I just think her hair looks so dang cute all up! And it is so fun doing it so dang cute!! Merissa decided on this, we just tweaked it a little by only doing 4 pony tails and leaving it down the back and curling it all in the back and the ponies hanging down the back!! It looked so cute!!
Ok Colton is totally the funniest kid in the world, so every day when I have been taking the girls pictures, he keeps wanting to have his picture taken, and he stands back words of course because the girls do, so I can get a picture of his hair, I always tell him to turn around, well this time I just took the picture, he was so cute, and so proud, nice hair bud!!!