Monday, April 28, 2008

New life

In our yard. The kids have been so excited, a few weeks ago the kids noticed a nest in our tree that was pretty low, they could stand on a chair or small ladder and see in, and there was 4 green eggs!! They have watched everyday, to see mama bird sitting on her eggs. And of course trying to explain that we cant always go out and look because she has to keep them warm or they will die ,well it started to ware off a little, until mom and her big mouth on Saturday says, I wonder if those babies have hatched yet, so we go out and look and I think that they had just hatched now of course every 5 minutes the kids want to go look and we have watched from a distance as mama bird has brought back worms and bugs to feed her babies, and of course my little ones are wondering if she is going to crush them when she is still sitting on them and trying to explain they don't have feathers yet to keep them warm so she has to keep them warm, I was out there yesterday by myself and talking to mama telling her she is an amazing mama taking such good care of her babies just whispering to her and then there is Jayden at my side say mommy lift me up so I can talk so nice to mama bird too!!

So Jayden has gotten really good at ridding his bike and he has been bugging us that he is ready to ride the little motorcycle and me in my dumbness thinks of teaching the kids to ride the little 4-wheeler and they go slow and just ride around and get kinda used to it, well of course that's not what happened, he guns the bike flies down the hill past the tree and his front tire slams into the swing set, which there is now a huge dent, scare the wholly cow out of me, as I watch in slow mo as his little body flies up and he comes back down on the bike, he cried and cried got out of my arms and says I want to try again, OK but not in our yard and not today, dang that scarred me!!!

So last week Jake qualified to run the 50 yard dash he came in 4Th so he didn't go any further but that was fun for him to at least get to go the high school and try and he says that he really wants to try harder next year and at least practice. Which will be so much easier next year when I'm not 6 months pregnant and I can run with him, which he wants to do the 800 meter and you have to be in 5Th grade to do that!! His friend beat him out of the long jump by less then a half inch so that bummed him out!! I say good job your awesome son!!!

Funny thing Jayden told me last week, I said to him Jayden your teach told me you did so good in math yesterday, he says yes mommy Miss Stephanie had on the most beautiful shirt and a jacket over it, I said so when Miss Stephanie wears beautiful shirts that makes you do good in math, yes mommy it was so beautiful!! OK buddy whatever helps!!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Double digits!!

We have entered a new phase, Jake is now in the double digits 10years old!! Happy birthday my boy!!! I think he had by far the most awesome birthday ever, my brother in law, surprised him Thursday night with a brand new racing four wheeler, 125cc!! Pretty dang cool!! So very nice to have such an awesome uncle!!! Yay Uncle Kenny!! Then we spent all day Friday riding up around baker and up to pine valley!! I got to drive Kenny's rhino which I loved, Michale drove mine, then Randy drove his Kenny his, Colton and Merissa and Monica in the rhino with me and Jayden on daddy's four wheeler!! We packed sandwiches and ate at this stream!! It was so beautiful!! Then the boys stayed the night out at baker and the girls and Colton and I came back into town, because the girls had super stepper practice from 9-1 for their review that night which of course they did awesome!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Entering the HOT phase!!!

I am offically hot most of the time now, and I know its only going to get worse as I live in one of the hottest places for the summer!! Oh well small price to pay for a sweet princess!!! LOL I have been meaning to take some pictures so you can see just how big I am getting, I dont think I am as big as in previous pregnancy's but I started alot smaller this time so I feel really big!! And of course my wonderful husband is always saying wow you are really pregnant!! And what exactly is that suposed to mean, and he says " your one hot mama" Ya WHATEVER!!! Iam so excited about this baby for so many reasons, one its a GIRL!!! Yay two she's my last and I know that!! three, a new baby, I just love babies they are just so sweet and I think its like holding a little piece of heaven in your arms!! AMAZING!!!
I am so tired, I was feeling so good for quite a while and now I am back to needing those naps or I just want to drop at about 6 which is not good as I am usually still running someone somewhere at that time!! But today I even had a nap and I am ready for bed, just ready to veg!!
I have been busy making blankets for the baby which I am so excited every time I look at them I think is it really a girl!! I just keep thinking I want to look one more time just to make sure she didnt grow anything!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Big news!!!!

OK I have a couple of big announcements, first and foremost, Michale got her drivers license on Tuesday April 1st, I'm a little nervous but I think she is going to do great!! And wow when I trust her enough to drive with the kids its going to be a huge help to both her Dad and I!!

So I think it will be great. I know I'm really just trying to convince myself, but I'm OK with that!!! She' s a great girl with a awesome head on her shoulders, I just wish she would use it all the time!!

Next is Jayden's big news, if you will notice in the pictures, No training wheels, he rides like a big boy!!!! I'm so proud of him, he has done so so good!! He is our youngest so far to learn to ride with no training wheels!! In fact Monica still uses hers, she hardly ever rides and she actually could care less!!! Now Jayden he has an altirer motive, he wants to ride the little yellow motorcycle so bad, in fact right after he got the hang of riding his bike, I mean the very same day, he made his dad go take out the motorcycle and start it for him, and he of course wanted to try that too!! But we told him he had to get realllllly good on his bike first then he can try the motorcycle!! Then of course we were pushing Jayden to get him going on the bike so Colton thinks that every time he rides now he needs a push , he runs after Jayden yelling push push push!!