Monday, March 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Babe!!

It is my sweet husbands birthday today, and I know I'm getting his list posted late, but hopefully its still his birthday when it actually posts!! LOL So here goes;

The 43 things I love about you!!

1. You wanted to kiss me as soon as we met!!
2. You loved me from the beginning!!
3. You love our kids as much as I do!!
4. You never think of yourself!!
5. You always think of me first!!
6. You moved us to Hawaii, just for me!!!
7. You are so tender with our babies!!
8. You get so much joy taking our kids out camping!!
9. You make my heart beat a little faster!!
10. You have a great BUTT!!
11. You have a never ending supply of patience!!
12. you treat me like a princess!!
13. You love me no matter how mad I make you!!
14. you would give me the moon if you could!!
15. You look great in wranglers!!
16. Your blue eyes!!
17. You love Heavenly father!!
18. You and I have an eternity to be together!!
19. You have the priesthood!!
20. You honor your priesthood!!
21. You keep us all on track!!
22. You keep going even when it gets hard!!
23. Even when it seems like there is no work out there, you keep looking until you find some!!
24. your an amazing lover!! (I felt kinda naughty saying that)
25. you support me no matter what!!
26. you never mind, in fact you think its great when we have girls night!!
27. You loved me even when I was fat!!
28. You remind me its OK to be human, and eat something yummy when I want to!!
29. you always tell me how great I look!!
30. You never complain when I try to feed you low fat!!
31. You never complain even when dinner is gross, you just kindly suggest maybe we don't eat this again!!
32. You support me through all my running!!
33. You delivered almost all our babies!!
34. When you wink at me!!
35. You love your momma!!
36. You think of your dad all the time!!
37. Family is very important to you!!
38. You want to give the kids everything they want, but you don't!! (that's even harder)
39. I love how when you kiss me you kinda bite my lower lip!! (sorry TMI)
40. Your always willing to take the kids with you, even though it slows you down!!
41. You happy with who you are, and what you do!!
42. I love that you don't care that our babies sleep with us!!
43. You are mine!!
I hope you understand I have the most amazing man in the whole world. He would do whatever he had to for us. I love you my darling with my whole heart and soul. I love you!! I love our life. You make it all worth living, I love being with you, and I never get sick of being by your side. You are one amazing man, I feel so blessed to know that we have forever to be together!! All my love forever Jennifer!!
P.S. One more I forgot, and which I posted this picture for, You make my leg pop!! (from princess diaries)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Work off, play ON!!!

This has been my modo all week (stolen from the Jazz, life off game on. I just revised it), and can I say we have really lived up to it!!

We started off last Saturday by going riding the motorcycles out at fort Pierce for the afternoon. Well everyone had such a fabulous time that we decided that, that was where we were going to go camping the next week!!

Then Monday we decided to go to Zion's to go hiking, but we got to late of a start and ended up going out to Irvin's to find these petrogliphs that Randy read about in the paper, still not sure if we found the ones from the paper but we did find some so the kids were happy!!

Then Tuesday we tried a little harder to get to Zion earlier, still didn't happen but we had more time so we went. We hiked up to the Emerald pools, we went as far as the second pool. I was so nervous, I kept thinking about one of the tile store owner his boy 15 years old went off one of the hikes and died, so it makes me pretty crazy! But it was a ton of fun! The kids were mad at us when we wouldn't go all the way to the third pool, but they have gotten over it!! Then Grandma Taylor and Uncle Kenny came up for the afternoon to watch Michale's first softball game!!

Wednesday was the day the kids could hardly wait for, campin day!! So we went back out to fort Pierce, we had a blast!! The kids rode and rode, we all went on rides together, Randy would take some of the kids, we all, well not all mostly just Colton and I, got to much sun!! Jayden was doing awesome on the 4-wheeler, wonder where he gets all that standin up from, I wont mention any names, Daddy!!! Monica was doing awesome also, she is definitely not the careful one, Merissa takes that one, no she hops on and guns it, we fallow behind Merissa doing 8-10 mph, then she switches with Monica and were doing about 20 mph!! One time when the girls had just switched again and Merissa was driving again and Jayden and Monica were behind me, I heard this little conversation,
Jayden: Monica, why do you drive so fast??
Monica: Because its fun!! (duh)

Jayden: You know you make mom nervous when you drive so fast!!

Monica: But I like to go fast, it makes my hair blow!
Jayden: Monica, you know you make me nervous too!! Its just not safe!!

Monica: Jayden I'm just having fun, OK!!

So funny I laughed so hard, inside of course, cause he was sounding just like me!! LOL

We came home Saturday afternoon, cleaned up and relaxed, well some of us relaxed while some of us ran, went to the store, and did laundry!!

Sunday was church and more relaxing, Then Monday we went to Cedar to get a check, and took the kids to lunch and then to discovery park where I sat in the car most of the time because it was freakin cold!! And lets face it I live in St.George for a reason!! Then Mom and dad went to dinner and drove around and visited for a while, that was really nice!!

We had such an awesome spring break I really do hate to see it end, I just love spending so much time with my kids and all the bonding that goes on, its just the best, thank everyone for the best week ever!!
Oh and Monica is officially riding with no training wheels, and yes she is 7 years old, but I tried and tried, even her little brother who has been riding for 2 years without training wheels tried, but alas she has finally done it good job babe!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Poor Monica

So I guess when it rains it pours, Monica's face is finally looking better, unfortunately she came home from school on Tuesday with a fever and by Tuesday night she was throwing up, (by the grace of a loving heavenly father I was at young women's with Michale, Whew dodged that one) Sorry babe!!

Then that made her miss Wednesday school which is probably only they second day she doesn't want to miss, which of course was mom's and muffins, so I saved my muffin and got her one, and ate it at home with her. Thank goodness it was weigh in day (down another pound, Happy dance, OK how many bonus, points do I get for that) Anyway I think she will be good for tomorrow which is another day she doesn't want to miss, the whole first grade has been practising for a program for us and she has been so worried if she will be better, I'm pretty sure she'll be good to go tomorrow!!

So I took these pictures of her nose on Sunday, that was probably the peek of the bruising, everyday since then it has started to look better, and feel better, the only place it is still pretty sore is under her eye where the Dr. thinks she got the hair line fracture!

When we came home from church on Sunday she told me that she wishes she didn't go, cause she got so sick of telling people what happened, then Merissa pipes in and says yeah, me too, cause pretty soon Monica was saying ask Merissa, I'm sick of telling it!! LOL

OK so Merissa's do is super easy today but, I love it cause it looks great and takes all of about 2 minutes to do, we got the idea from HERE, I love this blog because she keeps it real, don't get me wrong if I have the time I love doing a big ol' do but man when I don't, I still gotta do hair, and these are great she tells you how long what you will need and the are easy peasy!! LOVE that!! And the awesome bonus is she is having an awesome giveaway so go check her out!!

OK so I know its not a great picture of her but I couldn't resist, I will get some better ones, but this is what you get for now!! My little tweetie!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Is it just my kids???

OK, all through dinner, yes, dinner, my wonderful children (meaning Jake and Michale) totally gave me a tutorial on the art of farting silently!! So like when you are in school, and you have to fart really bad, you can just let er rip with out anyone knowing it was you. I don't think I have laughed so hard in quite some time. I know I shouldn't have laughed because all it did was serve to encourage their actions, but my goodness they were giving the whole version, not an abridged version, with actions and all. Merissa needles to say quickly finished her dinner and got out of their a.s.a.p.!! Not really her topic of choice, you know as that she doesn't fart!!

So I learned that if you are siting at your desk, you slowly and inconspicuously lift one cheek so that the air flows freely creating no sound!! Oh my word cant believe I'm writing this on my blog!! Jeesh what is blog coming too!! Hopefully no one was offended, but honestly, I hear about these things more often then I care to even think about!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

So sad....

My sweet little Monica, has a big boo boo!! At school on Wednesday, last recess she was running and one of the big play ground balls went right in front of her and she tripped over it, and yep, BAM!! She face planted it right into a concrete bench!! How horrid is that!! The side of her face is so swollen. It about breaks your heart every time you look at her, its almost like you can feel her pain. I called the doctor after I picked her up, and they said to just keep ice on it, her poor little nose dripped blood till about 8:30 that night, I was kinda freaked out about that. She was so good about keeping ice on it, for like 2 days she walked around with ice in her baggy!!
She had a well check already scheduled for Friday, so the Dr. checked her all out, he said that her nose looked straight as far as he could tell through all the swelling but to look good at it when the swelling goes down, that they have about a 10-12 day window!! Encouraging!! He did think that she probably got a hair line fracture under her eye, but nothing they can do!

So what do you think about what I have been up to?? I have been having a ton of fun messing with all the digital scrapping!! I know, I know I swore I wouldn't go digital, and I wont, but I have to tell you I will do both, and combine the 2 alot. You see with Makenna it is almost impossible to try to scrap, traditionally that is, but I can hold her and play on the computer!!
So I was working on the page of me pregnant, and Jake comes and looks at what I'm doing, and he totally takes a double take and is all like, Mom holy crap that's not your tummy is it, and I'm thinking ummm is that my face on someone Else's body, ummm no, that would be me, huge stomach and all!!
And I 'll end you on a picture of my crazy kids, or part of them any way!! LOL

Friday, March 6, 2009


I can seriously not believe that my little girl is 17 years old!! Can I say " Not Fair!!" and "Where the heck did the time go??" I look at this beautiful young lady, and I think to myself, when did this happen?? (and I AM NOT OLD ENOUGH TO HAVE A 17 YEAR OLD) So with out further ado;

The 17 things I LOVE about you!!

1. You are CRAZY!! (and not just a little)
2. You are so HAPPY, you have picked this up from me thank goodness, no depressive tendencies!!
3. You get so EXCITED, everything is new and exciting to you!
4. You have FUN, no matter what you are doing you make it fun!!
5. You will rub my back for me, aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!! (LOVE THAT)
6. You are so willing to HELP, you never complain you just do it!!
7. You never talk back to me, OK can I say she is a girl, and a teenager, yep, and no back talk!! Amazing, I know!!
8. You do what is asked of you, no WHY, or HOW COME!!
9. You rub my feet, yep after those long runs, heaven right here on earth!!
10. You are ENTHUSIASTIC, you are so pumped about life, I love it!!
11. You talk to me, yeah, I know not very typical!!
12. You are a horrid liar, thank goodness!!
13. You never do anything half way, you put so much into whatever you are doing!!
14. I LOVE who you are becoming, I can see glimpses of the woman to come, and I like who I see!!
15. You are doing so awesome in school, I am so proud of how hard you work to get good grades!!
16. You play games with me, I am so glad that we can play together!!
17. You LOVE your Heavenly father, and want to do whats right, even though its hard, you do it any way!!
I am so blessed to have as my daughter, and even more because you are one of the most amazing people I know. I love you sweet girl!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Jayden, had an awesome day, he was so stinkin cute. It was so fun to see him so excited about his special day!!
He started his day with crepe's, the kids usually just like them with butter and syrup, but he wanted dessert crepe's, so he had strawberries and raspberries, with whip cream!! Yummy!!
Then he got to open one present before church, which he was so happy about. Colton had a really hard time, he wanted to open all of Jayden's presents, in fact he opened quite a few, he would totally sneak in and open them without anyone seeing him!! We had to post a present guard after a while!! Then we went to church. Then he wanted Randy's "famous dinner" for dinner, It is seriously the yummiest!! Then he opened the rest of his presents. He wanted to go for a bike ride, which is so his new thing!! Then we came home ate cake. He got to play a little more. Then it was time for bed, and of course his last request was to sleep with me!!
He had an awesome day, I love you, my little man!!