Sunday, March 21, 2010


Why, that is my question, I search for an answer and cant seem to find one. Oh, everyone has an opinion, but I don't want an opinion, I want an answer!!!
Why when someone has so much, do they always want more, why can we not be satisfied with what we have? Why, when someone has hungered for a baby for years, and you know they would be amazing parents, why, why can they just not have that sweet little baby, or why when they finally do there are problems? Why, the woman that can get pregnant, but never carry it to term?? Why one baby and not a second??? Why send them to the home that they are going to be hurt in or abused or used? Or worse thrown away?? Why, Why? Help me understand, I know, I know, and frankly I don't want to hear, "whats meant to be" Honestly Hate that!! I know I could go much deeper, and really delve into the whys but honestly this is what I want to know right now!! Why, Why?? So my next question What happens to that little baby that you miscarried? Does it go to heaven having recieved all the bady it needed to? Does it go back and have to wait for another chance? Do we forget them, and move on do we just move on???