Monday, September 29, 2008

Drop dead gorgous!!

Yep, its crazy maybe even a little insane!! THIS IS MY LITTLE GIRL!! Well obviously not so little anymore. She looked so beautiful, and more importantly she felt beautiful! I got the wonderful pleasure of helping her get ready, she had an awesome friend of hers (Becka) come do her hair, and I did her make-up. It was so much fun! I am so grateful for my awesome relationship with my daughter, and that she would want my help on such an important moment in her life. I know I'm strict with her and she takes it all in stride. I just love and adore this little girl!! (that's not so little)

I was talking with a wonderful friend of mine and wondering what to do about her crephew, she normally has to be home at 10:30, but I did want to give her a little extra time so I was asking for advice and she said I would let her stay out til midnight and I of course almost had heart failure, but she told me that I had raised such an awesome young lady that I should give her a little more trust and go for midnight so I did!! And guess what she was LATE!! But she did call me and tell me that the other couple that they were going with decided that they were going to eat after the dance, and one of the boys Mom was taking them and was going to sit in the car at the restaurant so that she didn't have to drop them off and then come back! So she had a fabulous time, and cant wait for Sadie's.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

How did his happen??

Ok so most of you know what a girly girl I am, so you would think that my girls would follow suit. Well a couple have at least! Not that Michale isn't girly because she is, but she really doesn't mind crossing over. She kind of always has crossed both ways, (so I wonder has it been to please me) she has always loved to play in the mud, so defiantly not afraid to get dirty, sometimes very dirty, in fact I think she quite enjoys it! Well its pine views home coming week and she decided she was going to play in the annual Jr. verse Sr. powder puff game, ok I can handle this, its what comes next. She now wants to play on the football team, like the boys team next year, ok so I'm not dumb enough to think that she would really make it, but its all she talks about, in fact she even tried to talk to the coach, which he pretty much ignored her and walked away!! (thank goodness) But she says all the boys say, she could always try out he has to let her, and he might even let her make it but, he doesn't have to play her!! Any way she was so into the powder puff game she got called a few choice words that I wont repeat! It was so funny when she would come up to the line she would do this bouncy thing from one leg to the other, it was hilarious!! She was so serious!! Oh and her nick name, this is the best part, the part that makes me the proudest (gag) "The beast"!! Nice huh!!

Ok so on the up side she got asked to homecoming, so we are going dress shopping tonight. At least this is the part I couldn't wait for, that awesome bonding time with the benefit of shopping!!

Ok so I have this online group of gals that are the best, and we had an online crop and well I didn't get alot done well yeah I actually only got one done I know I know I wanted to do more I swear life has just gotten so crazy, I just didn't have time, it was like one thing after another!! Anyway this challenge we had to use butterflies and well I love butterflies so of course I had to do this one!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

9 weeks or 2 months you choose!!

My sweet little angel is now 2 months old, its just crazy, I would really just love to freeze time. It is going way to fast, it seems that I blink and another week has past! Just stop the madness!!

Makenna went for her 2 month appointment today, and my sweet little girl has hit the 99 % for her weight which is 13 pounds 15.5 ounces!! She is 24 inches long and the 95 % for her height! She is just so sweet, I just cant get enough of her, love to smooch her cheeks!! Well really all over!! LOL She really loves to smile mostly when she is fresh from sleep so she is still pretty content!

The parade was on Saturday and the girls were once more on the semi, new costumes and all, just love them!! Michale was once again doing the flags behind the band!

But first thing Saturday morning we had to be in cedar city for Jakes football game, they did great and almost won, almost!!

Colton has inherited the love from Jayden of the perfect spot to play in the back yard, the spot were the dog wont let the grass grow because she likes to dig it up and lay in it, so the boys like to fill i with water and go boating and camping and4-wheeling through it!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Our blessing

Yeah, sorry its been awhile. Its been so crazy, Jake is playing tackle football and they practice 3 times a

week for 2+ hours, then Saturday games, Merissa and Monica are back in super steppers and Merissa made show team so she has to go twice a week, Michale is dancing again 2 hours a week and working. It really just seems crazy, like run run run!!

Jake is really enjoying football he is # 61 he seems so big with his big ol' pads on! They had their first game on Saturday, we didn't win but they did great, getting so much better every year!

My sweet little Jayden said to me the other day, "Man I am just so tired I think I will just rest for just a minute" he walked over to the stairs, layed on the step and was fast asleep in seconds!! So stinkin cute!!

So I know I'm a week late on her 6 week update but here is her picture, she found her tongue and loves to stick it out!

Makenna got blessed this week so for her 7 week update she is in her beautiful blessing dress, I swear she looked just like an angel, she received a beautiful blessing, one thing that sticks out in my mind is, "the Love of a big family"! Oh yeah, that cant get any truer!! She did wonderful through her blessing, her dad thanks her for not crying!!

Grandma Taylor, and uncle Kenny came to see this sweet angel receive her blessing!

I went back to the gym last week, my knees are feeling so much better, so with weight watchers Ive lost 5.8 in two weeks, and I go back tomorrow to weigh in again, and see if getting back to the gym helped at all!!