Wednesday, July 22, 2009

As promised.................

barely but i made it!!

So my sweet little girl is now 20 pounds 2 ounces on the 34% and 29 and a half inches putting her on the
68th % for her height. She totally loved Dr. Thompson, and he was so thrilled that he tried to convince the kids that he should take her home to his house, (I tried to convince him he wanted Colton, but he wouldnt buy it!!) the kids freaked, no way were they going to give their baby sister away, then her tried to declare a no shot day for Makenna but that didnt fly with the nurses!! All in all, what can I say, shes perfect in every way!!

Well except that she would not smile. Didnt Jen do an awesome job, and look she sent me pic's already, she is just too good to me. She knows how much I love them so she tries to get a few done really fast for me. Plus she was going out of town and wanted to make sure I got some first, how sweet is that!!! Love ya Jenn!! Any way even though we didnt get much in the way of smiles we still got some great shots, how can you go wrong with this darling baby of mine!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Can you believe...................

No I'm not dead, ummm no not that I'm finally posting!!


It just seems crazy, I am looking back at a year ago, and my goodness it has flashed by in a whirl. The thing is, I really don't see it slowing down anytime soon. I think that as our children get older they are involved in so much that you are constantly running, well times that by 7 and you have my life!! the amazing part is, I wouldn't change a thing, I LOVE my life!!

But this wasn't supposed to go that way, this is a post about my darling little Makenna, whom every person in this house absolutely adores, she lights up our lives, and brings so much love into our home. She makes you feel special when she pulls you in tight for a squeeze hug, her first steps were amazing to watch not just because of her taking them but watching the kids all encourage coax and yes sometimes plead with her to come to them, ( but she knew who she could trust(wink)!!
We are so thankful to have this little angel in our home, we love her very much. It is an amazing honor to be her mommy, I am so thankful for this calling in my life!! I love you my sweet baby girl.
I will post more tomorrow when I have pictures down loaded, her doctors visit over and of course my amazing friend Jen took her first birthday pictures and she is going to get those up for me, so yep I am going to go for another post tomorrow!! LOL Baby steps right!!