Saturday, October 20, 2007

Slow down!!!

Time waits for no one is what they say, hey I'm one of those that say that!!! Holy cow where has the time gone. Jayden had show and share man awhile ago and here I am just now posting a pic!! He was so excited to take dancer with him, and so thrilled to show everyone this is my awesome dog!! The kids were darling so excited to see this big dog in their class!!!

Ok now I'm catching up this just happened Thursday, our school's annual Raptor Romp, each grade does a dance, and my sweet little Monica, she's a kindergartner and she got to do "don't go dancin with a dinosaur" She did such a good job, and most important she had a blast doing it!!!

Know here is Merissa and she did the twist, such a way stinkin fun dance and its amazing how fast all the kids pick up on hula hooping for those that hadn't already able too!! I do have to admit though that, this is my favorite out of all the dances, I think they just look like they are having a blast and 2 years ago when Jake did this dance he LOVED it, and was one of those that couldn't really hula, after this he sure could. Any way it is still my favorite, she did a great job although they did take a couple of parts out this year, but none the less they did awesome!!! My sweet little Merissa if she knows your taking pictures then she has all eyes on you with her picture smile in place!! So funny!!!

Oh now here is my darling son, the one in the back with the blond hair (not to be confused with a girl) LOL, his class did a Hawaiian dance, and he was all over that, said it reminded him of when we lived there!! Now him

and Merissa so opposite, he didn't want to look at me because he was embarrassed of me sitting in the front

taking pictures, so he wouldn't look at me, he said he would loose concentration and forget the dance. He did awesome!!

Ok I don't know how great the picture on this turned out I took it last night so it was dark so no lighting to help, this is for a
circle journal group I am in with some of the best
girls in the whole world!! This one just happens to
be going in Kasi's and I have met her and Amy they
live up north (salt lake area) anyway I get to go visit
or they come here every couple of months and we shop and scrap our hearts out. We
have so so much fun together!!! Anyway this is for Kasi's book, she wanted a page about you, so that was kinda fun scrappin about me, cause of course I never do!!
Any way life is crazy hopefully it will slow down soon, I don't imagine that it will but it sure would be nice!!

Friday, October 12, 2007


Ok Randy was talking to Michale and I today about seeing this new car at the gas station and it had a bra on the front and on the back and Michale didnt know what a bra was and it reminded me of a little funny thing that happened to me when I was about 12-13!!

My parents had a 280 zx well my dad asked me to go and wash the car and oh by the way dont forget to take the bra of course I go in the house and take off MY bra!! So Im outside washing the car BRALESS, so of course dad comes out while Im washing and says why didnt you take the bra off!!! Hello .................ding light bulb goes off in my head!! DUH!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

I DID IT!!!!!!

Can I tell you it was the most amazing thing ever, probably one of the hardest, yet easiest things, one of the funnest but one of the worst, one of the most exellerating, I know feel like I can do anything I set my mind too!!
Ok so let me start at the beginning, Friday we got together and went to the expo to pick up our numbers and look around and go listen to the speaker who was talking to the first timers. Then we were meeting for dinner and going to the cabin. So we ate pasta and salad for dinner went to pine valley figured out where we were sleeping, then we talked watched t.v. played games, and went to bed, but not before long discussions about what we were wearing and getting it all set out. Well it was so awesome that we got to stay in pine valley because that meant we didn't have to be up at 3 in the morning we got up at 5:15 when a lot of people were already waiting at the starting line!! WHOOO HOOOO!! So we got up Saturday morning got ready cheered if we went # 2!! (Kinda funny what runners cheer about) LOL. We got to the start line probably 5-10 minutes before it started, dropped our first bag of clothes in the truck, and made our way to our spots. We actually never heard the gun go off, we were just kinda all of a sudden just slowly going forward. So at mile one we dropped our second bag of clothes oh I think I failed to mention the temp. when we got to the start 30 yep 30 so cold but awesome!! I ran in my way cute running running skirt so cute 2 pockets on the sides little compression shorts underneath so cute!! so I just ran and it was awesome, it started to get more difficult at about mile 23 I kinda had to start talking to my self you know like" you can do this" "you are strong" "you've trained hard for this" "your muscles are so strong"!! Any time that I started thinking about my family in those last few miles I started getting pretty emotional so I had to ban family thoughts from my mind!!! But nothing compairs to when you turn that corner to the end of the race, and you think you are totally spent and that when you hear those wonderful friends and family who have come to cheer for you, and its like a little bit of the energy is transferred to you!! Then as I came down the home stretch and I turned because I heard my mom and sister and daughter, yelling for me, Then I hear my husband and a wonderful surprise my in laws all came to watch me, oh then I really started crying I was there the finish line and everyone I cared about was there to celebrate with me!!
Ok now I m going to tell you my time, so I had in my mind when I first signed up that I wanted to do it around 5 hours, well then I started thinking that I really wanted to do it under 5 hours like around 4:45, but really I thought it would be so cool to hit around 4:30 but I thought there is no way I can do that, but when I was at the expo, I picked up the 4:30 wrist band, even though I forgot it race day!! But I passed the 4:30 balloons about mile 3 then she passed me about mile 21 I tried to keep up with her but I thought she was running faster then the 10:18 time because I was running faster then that! So I thought well at least maybe I will make it around 4:45 which would really make me happy so, when I ran through the finish line it said 4:35 something which I was so excited but I kinda forgot about chip time which we had to tie this little thing to our shoe and it starts when you go over the start and stops when you go over the finish so I went and got my shoe wanded and I got 4:29:08 YAY so excited so much better then I thought so awesome!!
Ok so I was SO SO SO sore never in my life have I ever been so sore! I walked so funny!! I got a message at 2 that day then all through the second session of conference, my wonderful Michale messaged me all through it, and let me tall you it felt wonderful!! But today I feel 98 % better so I think I will go to spin in the morning so, would I do it again.....HEMMMMMMMMMMM YEP!!!! I cant wait!!! Crazy, I know!!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

1 DAY!!!!

.......................and counting!!! I am so excited I can hardly stand it!!! I still really havent gotten the shoe thing figured out but it will work out!! I got to the post office and picked up the skirts!! Yay so excited to have them, I am a little worried about it though, it will be about 47 in the beginning, then will get up to 63 at the end, I am so excited that I feel like I am shaking inside!! By almost this time tomorrow morning the gun will go off!!! It almost seems sereal, I still think of myself a year ago, 50 pounds heavier no exersice, and I think your fat your lazy you cant run let alone run 26.2 miles!! I have to really talk to myself, get a real mental game goin on in my head, you can do it, you have trained HARD for this!! So this is it the moment of truth!!