Tuesday, January 29, 2008

So pathetic

OK so my kids wanted to play out in the snow so bad, (yes I'm calling this snow) I gave in!! Well of course I had to go take some pictures. I felt so bad their snow balls (for their snow man) I think were more dirt and leaves then snow!! Oh well they had fun and that's whats important right!! LOL
So the cards those are for this months card exchange I had to make wedding, and I thought well you could use it for that or Valentines!!
Then I made that big magnet board a while ago but never got it posted, pictures didn't turn out great but I think you get the idea!!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Its snowing outside!!!

Jayden and Colton are so excited and I can only imagine my kids at school are probably so excited for the bell to ring, but the 2 little boys are sitting here with their noses pressed against the door begging to go outside, I would let them but the wind is blowing so hard I think it would blow them away!! So needless to say Jayden is very mad at me, He says " your not a nice mommy" (pout, lip sticking out)!!

So the birthday was great, my wonderful friends Renee, Sarah and Jenn took me to lunch on Saturday to Red Lobster, and gave me so great presents, and then Connie took me to lunch today to Chili's, I got a birthday card from my sister in law who by the way is STILL older then me!! LOL My sister Lisa gave me a $50 gift card to Maurice's!! Which I already spent on a pair of way cute jeans!! Thank you Thank you to all I love you all!!!

OK so I haven't mentioned that I started working, oh about a week and a half ago or so, I'm serving at the Texas Road House, so so so yummy, its fun and hopefully we'll be able to catch up on everything quickly!!

I have been thinking I have been so blessed with so much, it sometimes just overwhelmes me how much my Heavenly Father loves me!! I am so thankful for friends and all that they have done for me (us) I want them to know how much I love them and how very grateful I am for them in my life and thank you for "listening"!!! I am thankful for family thank you for your love and support and all that you do to help you are wonderful!! I am thankful for a wonderful Husband who is so supportive even though he has one of the most ornery wives ever!! I am thankful for my children I love you with all my heart you are my life!! Thank you for helping and not complaining!! You are the best!!

I have hit my second trimester yay!!! Hopefully not to much longer of this yucky sickness!!

Yayay I am so excited Amy and Kasi get here Thursday night cant wait girls!!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

I heard..........

The babies heart beat today, it felt so good to hear, it just kinda puts everything into perspective!! I'm feeling OK as long as I get my Medicine, and take it early enough in the afternoon. Just so tired, I feel so guilty when I don't make it to the gym, because I need to go and keep up my exercise, I m just so worried about gaining to much.
Merissa's birthday was Wednesday, 8 years old, it just seems so crazy how did she grow up so quickly! She is such a good girl, I'm so proud of her and the decisions that she makes, her little friends are coming over today and we are going to the movie, she can hardly wait. Then of course she is the most excited about the fact she is getting baptized February 2ND. She can hardly wait!!
The girls are coming in a couple of weeks, its going to be so fun, I cant wait to see them. It will be kinda sad with Kasi moving and all, but they I think are going to come on Thursday instead of Friday!! Ya ya YAY!!
I sure hope my OLD sister in law had an awesome birthday, even though she is older than dirt now!! LOL Love ya girlie hope that your day was great!! I'm so glad your birthday is before mine!! LOL

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!!!

Ok so I was laying in bed the other night, Jayden was on one side of me Colton laying on me, Monica on the other side and Jake on the other side of Monica, and Jayden says to me "Mommy, I just Love you" and it touched me deeply, I of course respond I just love you too!!! But it made me lay there and think, you know this is what life is about, these sweet children, the joy of raising them and having them in our home, it just made me think, I love me life, I love my children, I love my Husband, I love being a full time wife and mother.
It has been such an awesome vacation, way to short but oh so ideal, Christmas was wonderful, Sants brought lots of games and puzzles and that is what we have been doing, playing day in and day out staying up late and reading, just being together!! So awesome!!
I hope the New year brings each and everyone of you and us everything we are all searching for, the greatest desires of our hearts, I know that, as a family we will be adding one more sweet little one into our home on or (hopefully before) around August 1st!! We are very excited to add this last sweet little spirit into our home!! So now you know why I have not posted much, I dont feel to great, the Dr. has givin me something for my sickness and it is helping a ton!! Have a great day!!