Friday, November 26, 2010

He really does have a heart of gold!!

So picture this. wait, wait, wait. Don't picture this at all.
So its the end of a long day, my back and hips are killing me at this point. I'm getting ready to get into the bath, I'm standing in front of the mirror, yep now you can only imagine the things I'm thinking. Colton, my 4 year old walks into the bathroom, he looks at me and he says, oh mommy look, look mommy at my sweet baby Caden, oh mommy it is getting close huh, cause I can tell he is getting big. Oh mommy, I just love my baby Caden!!
So yep, I was put in my place by my sweet little 4 year old, made to really think about and ponder what is really important, so kudos to you my sweet son, and thank you!!


JeLynn said...

way too cute jenn!! gotta love those innocent comments that bring a new perspective.

T said...

too cute :)