Friday, December 3, 2010

So Im.........

Kinda freakin out. Its really, really, really close. I know, I know, # 8 and your really going to freak, but ya, ya I am!!
Don't ya know it really really hurts, the baby part no not that part, just the birth part, it really hurts. So ya about this time, every time I kinda freak out! I keep thinking OK so what if this is the time that I cant handle it and cave in and get a epidural, what if my kids see me loose it, what if my kids loose it. Not to mention, I'm just kinda feeling crazy thinking this is it I'm done, last baby!!
What is wrong with me, I kinda just feel like screaming!!!

1 comment:

T said...

oh sweetie - if ANYONE has an excuse to go outside and scream just a tiny bit it's you!!! maybe just warn the neighbors first so nobody calls the police :)