Monday, August 27, 2007

Ok so I went and got a sports message last tuesday and it really helped me a ton, I felt like I was runner more like myself no pain in the hip and I could run faster. Yay!! Then after I pushed myself thursday I could start to feel it again so I schedualed another massage after my saturday long run and dang those massages are so painful you cant even imagine, the first one she said that my I. T. band which runs down the side of your leg from the hip to the knee was intertwined with my ham strings which run down the back of your leg and when she was pushing those back into place I wanted to cry, it hurt so bad, any it feels so much better I can totally tell running that it just feels so much better!!
Ok funny thing saturday we meet at 5 am at the end of the marathon and leave car there then drive out how far we are going to run, get up there and Sarah and Renee are totally freaked out because it was so dark (it really was dark) that we are going to get hit and what should we do and Sarah gota love her says "I think we should ditch running and go to I hop" so funny were like no and she is totally begging come on lets go!! LOL so funny, so they deside we should run with the light of our phones so funny I took mine thinking ok I'll do it got out there and bagged it stuck it in my pack and just tried to keep on the road, so we get all the way almost back to Sarah's van and I swear she looked like she was ready to start balling I felt so bad she forgot her keys up in the car at the top, so not a big deal, I call randy he can come get us but opps he is out at Sand hollow to ride, Renee tries to get Kyle but opps he's getting tires then Sarah's like oh I'll just have Charlie bring me the extra key, so not a big deal, what better to spend some fun time just visiting with these 2 great friends!!
Iam getting so excited for the marathon I was pretty nervous at first but after we ran that first 15 miles I thought we can do this, this week our long run will be 18 miles it will be another break through I think!! Yes we can do it!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I am so blessed, we have so so so much, I dont mean monitarily, but just in general. We have our health, we can walk play and run, which is a great plus, but so much more we have the love and blessings of a heavenly father who loves us and blesses us.
I am feeling very blessed for one because I went with Randy to Cedar the other night to go to a funral for a 2 year old little boy who was run over, he was a twin and they have 8 children, which is so so wonderful!! But more is when Randy got to his friend and he said I am so sorry, the dad (Randy's friend) said "Why, isnt this what we want for our children, to make it back to heavenly father, to not have to go through the trails of this life but to make it all the way and he has". That struck me # 1 I dont think I could be that strong #2 Im selfish I want my children here with me, I just dont think I could handle it if I lost any of mykids. So Im feeling very blessed, I know my heavenly father loves me, and I pray he knows how strong I am and what I can handle, and he won't give me more then that!! So my wonderful family I loveyou with all my heart you are every thing to me you are the best, thank you so much for each of you, you have blessed and enriched my life in ways you will never understand.. To my friends thank you for the blessings you are in my life know you hold a very special place in my heart and I thank heavenly father for eachand every one of you, I don't know that I could get through the everydayness with out your kind words and encouragement, I love each of you!! To my wonderful husband, you are my world I love you with all my heart know how important you are in my life, thank you for bouying me up when I couldnt on my own, thank you for supporting me in all Ive evr done or all that I do you are amazing, You make me so happy and I feel so safe in your arms!! To my Heavenly father thank you for all my blessings thank you for know me as a person as an individual knowing my needs and being there for me, I love you!!
I am so blessed thank you everyone in my life for however you have touched me, I love you!!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Got my 16

I got up at the butt crack of dawn actually I don't even think you can call it dawn more like the flippen middle of the night!! 3:45 a.m. to be exact!! No one should get up that early, but I did and I got ready to go run, my sweet hubby went and got me water and put it in the freezer so it would be cold out there for me, so I left got over to the church to meet Sarah and I forgot my stinkin water bottles that go in my pack Ugh!! That was the pits so I turned around went home and got my water. So I get BACK over to the church we leave Sarah's car there and start driving forget to look at the milage so we guess drop water at mile 11 and 6 and drive our last 6 to where we will park and Im looking at the milage and Im like no not down the big Veyo hill that hill has just made me so nervous well guess what WE GET TO THE BOTTOM OF THE HILL AND THATS WHERE WE HAVE TO PARK!!! Our first time to run the course (part of it anyway) we have to do the biggest hill!! So besides the hill it was an awesome run. Renee met us at mile 10 she did great I need to call her to find out how her foot is!! Im getting kinda scared but also very excited I felt like I could have went further on saturday, so thats good. This week is a scale back so only 12 I think so we do 4 8 5 then 12 this week!!! Yay another big run down!!

Finished these 2 LO's for our groups on line crop Im so excited I love them I got another down last night that I need to take pic's of I will pst it later.

We stayed pretty close to home yesterday, Im hopping to go for a ride today, I didnt go to church I had a roaring headache when I woke up and baby wouldnt go back to sleep so I layed back down after I took an 800 when I woke up I was holding Colton and it was after 9:20 Randy Monica Jayden and Michale gone so, Im the looser!! My headache is almost all gone so that is good there is no way I can function when I have a migrain!!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Right now

Im feeling a little lost, Ive got 4 kids in school, Yes I still have 2 very busy boys that are nothing but T-R-O-U-B-L-E but I miss having them all home it feels.....................empty, like what am I suposed to do now kinda feeling. I know Im not in the norm and Im ok with that but, I LOVE have my kids home I love to play games with them and read with them or just try to understand Michale's ramblings!! Look how cute they all looked on their first day of school so darling they were so excited!! Iam very proud of my children and how hard they try in school. Tonight is back to school night, Im a little nervous because I know Im going to get roped into being room mom again, which I dont mind so much but man is it alot of work!! Monica was so proud to be going to school she could hardly wait such a big girl now!! When we pulled up to the school this morning we got out so I could walk her to her door and we got on the side walk and I kissed Jake bye then she says bye mom Im like oh no yu dont Im so walking you to class!! Ok if you want to!! Merissa yesterday walked into class and all of her little friends all got into her same class oh she was so excited and they were all sitting at the same table!! She was thrilled!! When Jake got to class they got to sit wherever they wanted to and he had several of his buddies in thee so he was pretty happy too!! Now Michale she was so dang excited to start high school ( yes you read that right High school my sweet baby girl is now in high school) she was ready to jump out of her skin, now me on the other hand was not so excited not that I dont want her to grow and progress I do its just that she cant be going to high school she's my baby girl!! BUt well you know what they say time stands still for no Man!!
Ok Im so excited Randy just told me that he is working on this new building and its like a little strip mall and they are all brand new stores and he said he was walking by and he noticed one said SCRAPBOOK!!!! WHOOO HOOO yay we are getting another store we so need one in this town, I just hope they do it right get new product all the time, (LOL) and its big so they carry alot, and they have fair prices. I think if they can do that they will totally make it. Hemm Maybe I should go see if theres a number and call and give advise!!! LOL

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Circle Journal

Ok I am so excited, I got this page done! I beong to the most awesome group of girls and we are having an online crop this week and one of the challanges was to get a circle journal done, and yay I got one done. This is Melinda's, she wanted a pic of me one of me and DH and one of the family!! Yay here it is!! Now I got to go do some thing else!!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Trying to get it all in

I took the kids to discovery park on thursday, we had so much fun. Jake found this awesome, dino in the sand box, then there were all kinds of rock climbing, slides, hiding spots, swings, they also had little tid bits of info on different bugs animals birds dino's, it was so cool. I love watching my kids play and just have fun. Then we went to an ice cream parlor, got sandwiches and ice cream!!

Well I got a new cut and some new color not so blond, I am so excited I love it!!! All the kids got their cuts for school Michale got some bangs, Jake just got a little cut off!! Everyone else just trims!! School starts in 5 days and Im not ready Michale is going to HIGH school that is just crazy im not ready for that yet!! They just grow up so fast I just want to play with them for a few more weeks!! Crazy I now but I do!! I love you my babies!!

I think I will take them to Las Vegas on monday or Tuesday to finish up our school shopping, maybe do chuckie cheese or something fun!!

Im hoping to get some Scrappin done this weekend, I am on a MB with the most awesome group of girls and we are having an online crop this week starting in the morning so I cant wait!

I ran this morning my long run I usually do it on saturday but the girlie that I run with was going out of town and I didnt want to do it by myself so we went this morning we went the farthest we have ever went yet 15 miles and I am so excited we did so awesome and I feel great its so great to feel myself get so much stronger, I know that I can run the Marathon!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

My workings

This Is what I worked on, during all those long hours of driving first I got my 2 photo mats done for a swap then the card for card club then I got the journal box done for another swap. Well then I was out of things to dowith the trip from denver still to go, we didnt find a store in denver we didnt look but we checked out grand junction and the only store closed so as we were driving I thought well why not create a little 6 x 6 book to add photo's to when I get home, so I had limited things because all I had was what i brought to work on the swaps and cards, then at one of our stops I remembered my stuff I got in Kansas so I got that out, then todayin about an hour I added photo's and a little bling and wala a little mini book for Monica. Very excited!!

Monday, August 6, 2007


I have the best life ever, I have a wonderful husband who loves and adores me, 6 beautiful healthy children, whom I cant imagine my life without, they make my very existance worth while, we have our health and we feel great!! We have a kind and loving heavenly father who is constistantly blessing us!!

We just got home from this amazing vacation you know the old fashioned kind where you get in the car and drive for hours and hours, my kids were so awesome I didnt hear when are we going to get there how much longer!! The are great I have the BEST kids ever!!! My Husband is pretty dang awesome too!! When we were in Kansas he found this awesome little scrap book store for me, it was so cute tons of Heidi Swapp which I love and I got a clip it up and I love it in fact I want another!! We went to Misouri first for a family reunion which I thought was great, I ve never been to a family reunion before, my family doesnt do that so it was great to be there and meet Randy's family. Then next we went to see grandma Edie the kids were so excited to get to see her and stay with her she is awesome she has so much spunk I love to be around her I sure wish she was closer!! Then on to Iowa to see grandma Carspecken she is such a sweet heart again the kids were very excited tosee their next great grandma!! Then on to Omaha where we went to the zoo oh it was so great the kids were so excited just seeing the awe in the voices and wonder in their faces it was amazing!! Then we went to Denver where we did some shopping for school then we drove into the canyon a little where we stayed by lake Dillon and I got to go on a four mile run around the lake it was so so amazing it was so beautiful I loved it, then we drove on the next day into glenwood springs it was great another great run by 2 rivers the beautiful colorado mountains 10 miles saturday morning and it just felt to short I loved looking around!! Then we drove on home, my family is amazing I loved it!!