Sunday, September 30, 2007

Feeling motivated

We went riding Saturday, it is so much fun, the kids just have a blast, me too!! It just so great getting out there and spending time with the kids. We went out on the Arizona strip, Randy says that off that rode you can get to the grand canyon who knows maybe one day we'll cruise there! I know I would love too!! This picture is of when we were loading up and Jayden and I went on one last ride, man he is so cute, he just has that sparkle of love and life, he makes me smile just looking at him, He just snuggles right up to you. So dang awesome, I just love that little guy!!
Randy took the kids and took the trailer back to our friends down in Vegas and went and visited his family, and I went to women's general conference with Renee. I am feeling so motivated, the talks really touched me, and I am really feeling like I need to step it up, I have been such a slacker lately and man that makes me feel bad, I mean come on my kids are watching me and they need to know how much I love my Heavenly father and Jesus Christ, they need to feel that I will follow and I will choose the right so that I may lead by example, and I have NOT been a good example lately, I love my Heavenly father and Jesus Christ with all my heart and they need to know that. They also need to know that service to our neighbors is very important but that is more what I need to work on. I need to be better in my calling so that I can serve willingly with a happy heart!! I feel so blessed to be part of this church it is so true I know that and I want to do and be what my Heavenly father wants me to!!
Ok so its down to the count down, 6 days to the marathon, I can do it, I know I can I trust in the training I have put in, I am excited, I am nervous, and man I think I am worried but I also know that I can do it!! The latest advice I have received has made so much sense to me, I was told that so much of the marathon is mental that if you think you can do it, you can!! If you think that you are going to feel great through the whole thing then yes you are, I mean I think that you will still be tired but I think I can do it, I have never hit the WALL, I don't think I will, I think I can do this, and I think I will feel great!! So 3 more runs then that's it 2 days off!! Then we run the whole thing, and I am going to rock!!! whooo hoooo!! Thanks for your support and cheer me on!!!

Friday, September 28, 2007

So fun

We had the most awesome time last night, we went to dinner with some friends then we went to a concert, the Belmy Brothers they put on a great show, it was pretty tame but was fun watching the drummer totally get into it, plus it was fun just going to a concert we havent been to one in like years! W e have always gone in Vegas so people are up dancing and yelling, but this was a ton of fun. I think we had 4 hours with NO kids!! Then we went for ice cream after it was so much fun, Thanks Renee and Kyle, you guys ROCK!!!
Ok so yep Im going to talk about the marathon again, I totally feel like Im going OCD about this. OK get this ONE week, oh my gosh I just got butterflies in my tummy just thinking about it!! (SCREAM) Im worried about my shoes, Im worried about my bra, Im worried about my skirt that hasnt come yet, Im worried about what time I should try to stick to in the beginning!! We only have to run 8 miles tomorrow then next week get this, we only run a 3 mile, a 4, and a 2. Then we take 2 full days off before the marathon 26.2 miles, that is just insane who, who Im asking in their right mind signs up pays money mind you no chance in you know where of even coming in within the first thousands, and I mean thousands of people!!! Not that Im trying to win or anything but come on!! Were talking like 4 1/2 to 5 hours of running!! What was I thinking!!! (Breath breath you can do this, your excited about thins remember remember) ok sorry had to talk to myself a little there!!
I m going to try to finish cleaning off my scrap table I really want to work on my cards and my swaps! Or even scrap book yay!! I just need a out let right now!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Ok these are the pages I got done while I was up north visiting Amy and Kasi. I got up there about 9:30 after helping Kasi's neighbor with her car we spent the day shopping (and night) then saturday we did a little more shopping then we scrapped until about 4-4:30 in the morning man it was so fun. Amy even called Katie and it almost felt like she was there with us!! We had so much fun just visiting and scrapping, when we were out shopping we even shopped for clothes and jewelry this time!!

Im getting so excited for the marathon I think after running the 20 miles it really felt like we can so do it, we felt so good when we got done. In fact when I got home we loaded up and took the 4-wheelers out and rode till dark!! Jake ran out of gas so we had to load his bike onto my bike so I was riding pretty slow, then went back out sunday and we went on a really long ride and wouldnt you know it, he ran out of gas again, this time Randy carried Jakes bike on his!! The kids just love it! Colton does so awesome, I just put him in my front pack and he just sits on my lap waves at the kids and makes those boy noises, you know brmmmmmm bbbbbrrrrrrrrrmmmmmmmmm!! So cute!!

Sunday, September 23, 2007


Isnt he just darling, he was so dang excited to start school ( Yes, I know he started at the beginning of september) he could hardly wait to get there and it was made even more special when his dad came home and went with us!! He had a little bit of a hard time when I left but he did great. There has only been 1 time since that I had to leave him upset, that is when we rode with Randy to pine valley and he fell asleep on the way back so I woke him when we got close and he was not happy about having to go to school, oh it was terrible he cried and then man I felt terrible!!

So sorry it has taken me so long to post again but man it has just been crazy, it seems like I havent even sat down at the computer unless im doing a lesson or something, run clean drive kids around run run run run run!!! It feels kinda crazy though that it is all going to be coming to an end in 2 weeks, Im very excited but In some ways I dont want it to end, now I know Im crazy but I just LOVE getting out there with the girls and just running and visiting, I now know what they mean 26.2 cheep therapy (but really not so cheep) LOL

any way I will come back hopefully tomorrow and post more I want to show pic's of my trip up north and what I got done but I feel the need to go snuggle with my honey have a great night all!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Ok so here is the page I did for Monica for their book at school, she was vey excited to show it to her teacher. She sure was excited to get back to school, she just didnt understand the whole SEP thing and why her brother and sister got to go to school and she didnt!!
Jayden starts preschool today, which will be so weird not having him with me, but he is so excited that is all he talks about is when he starts school, he's going to be a big boy just like Jacob!! It cracks me up whenhe calls him Jacob, because the only time he heres that is of course when Im getting mad at Jake. LOL I will post pictures later of him.
Jake started gymnastics last week which he is so excited about, he did it before so I hopethis time he will stay with it. Michale continues to try to join every club at school, so funny she wants to start back into dance and she is also doing field show she plays the flute and she really enjoys it this will be her second year! Merissa Is doing super steppers again this year she also made show team so she will take an extra2 classes, Monica is also in super steppers then she will be starting piano lessons next monday so the 4 older ones will all be in piano. Jayden will also do a gymnastics class while at school and I know he will LOVE that. So it will just be Colton and I 3 times a week for 2 1/2 hours it will be good for Colton and I.

Monday, September 3, 2007

forgot about this

Oh this just cracks me up just looking at this picture of my little man. I almost forgot about it too!! I was going through and trying to get all my pictures down loaded to the costco site so I could get them ordered, I dont like to just leave them on the computer you hear to many people saying their computer crashed and they lost all their pictures. So I try to always print them. Anyway I was going through all my files and realized I forgot a file in June and went back and looked and it was from Colton's birthday, well he got his first happy meal and then he just started making these faces, so funny he would squint one eye the other would be shut and he would make this humming noise oh my gosh it was so funny and he just kept doing it. He doesnt do it very often any more but for a little while he did it all the time!!
Well I got Monica's page done last night so I will take pictures of it and post it later, it turned out pretty cute, now I just need to figure out how Im going to do my cards, I have some what of an idea, so I guess I should run with that!!
4 days till I leave for Salt Lake so excited!! Whhoooo hooooo!!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Look so pretty

I wanted to post this picture of what I just finished because it took me FOREVER!!! I do LOVE how it turned out and yes I would probably do it again but wow that cutting out stuff is very time consuming!!! LOL
Now I need to go get a page done for Monica for their BIG book of us at school!! Then dang I ve waited till the last minute with my cards and card club is this thursday night!! I havent even started them!! So I better go get busy!

18 miles down!!!!

I am excited to report I got my 18 miles in!! We went thursday night because we were all going to go camping together that way we could still get our run in and not have to worry about getting it done in the mountains, we werent able to go camping but I still ran thursday night. I was pretty tired all day friday (which Im sure had nothing to do with the fact that I got home at 1:30 in the morning and then got back up at 7 so with about 4-41/2 hours of sleep run 18 miles, yep very tired!!! LOL It felt great to run that far and I get kinda emotional after I do these long runs. I feel so thankful for my body and its ability to get out there and run, then I start thinking about all those people out there who cant even walk and yes it gets me very, I dont know just makes me very thankful, my heavenly father has blessed me and it just gets me!!
Iam getting very excited to go to Salt lake oh how I cherish these weekends with my wonderful friends, I cant wait t see them let them know how grateful I am for their friendship I love them very much!!
I think Randy is going to take the kids and go to vegas while I am up north, the kids will be very excited they love to play with their cousin Shelbi, he always starts to get all clingy before I leave, I think he knows as a person I need it to regenerate myself but in the same token he wants me here with him!!
Randy and Jake went dove hunting yesterday, I think they are going to go again tomorrow probably after I run, but Jake was so excited he could not wait to go, Randy says thats just how he was when he was little it kinda gets Randy a little twinkle in his eye, Im glad he goes and has something to do like that it is so good for our men to have something or I think they will feel smothered by us, just like we need ours!! I know he's glad he can share his passion with his son, Jayden wants to go really bad I think Randy might try to take him too, but I know he's worried if the gun shots will scare him, Jayden says I will just do this daddy (covers ears with hands) so cute!!