Saturday, January 31, 2009

Makenna thinks.................

Sweet potatoes are YUMMY!! I had all but given up on feeding this little sweetie food, she was just not happy eating. Well I think I have another picky eater, because bingo I have found something she likes! Given I haven't tried a whole lot since I make all my own baby food, really just rice cereal and Apple sauce (which I thought she would love) but was not thrilled with either. In the mornings I always eat my fiber one and yogurt, well she had been wanting to have bites of my yogurt so I would give her some and she liked it (duh, its so sweet)! So when I went to the store I had bought sweet potatoes for dinner and I grabbed an extra for her! She loved it!! So all is not lost, she will be eating more regularly! I did also get her some of those little puffed fruit things and she loves those too!

The other night the primary president called and asked to speak to Monica, when she got off the phone all I new was that she had to be to the stake center at 3:15 on Saturday, and something about learn about baptism!! Well, I'm thinking wow we are going to get one of those fun great to be 8 meetings, so I go to take her, and I'm thinking to myself hmmmmmmmmmmmm, we better have a skirt or dress on in case we are in the chapel, thank goodness, we get there and her class, (three little girls) are singing a baptism song for the stake baptisms. She did great, I was really proud of her not getting all nervous and shy, I'm very proud of my sweet little girl. And I as I sat there and listened to the talks and felt the sweet spirit of our heavenly father and Jesus in that room, and the love that these sweet children have for them, and the excitement of finally reaching that goal!! It just really touched my heart and whispered to my spirit and I felt all the love our father in heaven has for us, and how much he wants us to succeed in this life and return to him, and I rejoice in this, I love him with all my heart and Am so thankful for his blessings, for eternal family's and for the knowledge that we have eternity to be together, because there is no one I would rather spend it with than my family!!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

So thankful

OK, I know this is going to get a little sappy here, so watch out, and grab that umbrella!!

I just have to let my friends and family know how amazing they are. I feel so blessed to have the most amazing husband in the world, who has stood by me no matter what! When I went on my shopping binges, or scrap book binges, and always so supportive when I need "ME" time, exercise time, or get my hair or nails done, he has just been like you do it you deserve it!! He is the "Best", when I say, Honey I think someone is missing from our family, he has blessed and enriched my life, and I love him with all my heart!!

I have the most awesome, amazing, sweet, special, lovable, darling kids in this world, I am with out a doubt the luckiest mom in the world, they never complain, when it comes time to do their jobs, they just do them, when the baby cries and needs picked up, because I'm helping someone else or making dinner, or talking, she just gets picked up and loved, which to me is the most important, LOVED!! I LOVE my kids!!

To my amazing friends, I love you and feel so blessed and loved, to be apart of your life, and you apart of mine. Thank you for the things you teach me, for the love and kindness, you show me, I am a better person for knowing you and having you apart of my life. Thank you for being there when I needed someone to listen to me, even when you didn't have the time and you took it, because you knew I needed you!! I love you, and thank my heavenly father for you in my life!!

To my family (meaning both sides I wont say in law because you mean just as much) I am so thankful for you, and all you do for us. Your love and kindness and support mean so much to us, it is such a good feeling to know you are there and that you love us. For all the sweet and thoughtful things you do, that are just part of who you are, I will brag, and say for example when Uncle Kenny came up last weekend to watch Jake's last basketball game, he thought nothing of taking 5, yes 5 of my kids from Jake all the way to Colton, to the movie and then stopped and bought ice cream on the way home, not that they didn't get enough treats at the movie!! These are the kinds of things our family does for us we love you, and feel blessed to have you in our lives, We love you!!

Thank you all for being a part of my life no matter how you have touched it, I thank you and love you!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wonderful day!!

Well, I do have to say I had an awesome day!! My birthday started actually a couple of weeks ago, when it was Merissa's birthday and my mother-in-law and Randy's grandma and Aunt Glenda surprised me with some fun clothes and a new purse and socks. Teresa Randys sister gave me a card with birthday money!! Then, last Thursday some of my awesome friends took me to dinner to Olive Garden, YUM!! They gave me some fun Bath and Body stuff and cook book and of course some yummy treats!! Then Yesterday started out, with Yummy breakfast made by Merissa and Jake, it was so cute they were just so so excited. Got the kids off to school, and my mom came by and we were visiting and my sister Lisa came by with Tulips and a balloon a card and some birthday money!! Then a wonderful friend of mine took me to lunch and got me some more yummy bath and body. I was only home for less then an hour when another friend Connie came and picked me up and we went to the mall where she bought me another yummy bath and body lotion and took me into Maurice's and got me a darling sweater with a cute lace cami to go under!! Then I spent my birthday money on 2 more shirts and some shoes. Then we left the mall and we went and got some ice cream. Which I then returned home and the kids all yelled surprise and they had made and put up some signs saying happy birthday and wrapped lots of presents for me!! I went and picked up Merissa from dance, talked on the phone to Renee, Sarah and tried to call Sherrie back. Riss and I stopped for a diet coke, and when I got home I fed and put Makenna down for a nap and was told to take a bath, while everyone was making dinner. Randy made me a yummy steak and shrimp and salad, yum! While everyone finished their jobs and got ready for bed I watched biggest looser. Then I got to open my presents, lets see if I can get this right, Jayden wrapped up some (about 7 ) pistachio's and some Jr. mints, then Monica got me a 5 lb weight and a Carmelo, then Merissa got me another 5 lb weight and a large chocolate bar, then Jake got me 2 8 lb weights some new running pants, a ball, and some pink ear phones for my ipod, and a Carmelo, and Randy got me some pants, a shirt, and a running shirt, and Michale rubbed my feet last night!! Yeah Me!! I had such an awesome day, Thank you some much to all of my wonderful awesome friends Husband children I love you all and am some thankful for each and everyone of you and all you did for me to make sure I had a great day!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy birthday..............

to you, you live in a zoo, you look like a monkey and you smell like one too!! Ok so yay its my birthday, and yep I totally live in a zoo, I really try not to look like a monkey but I do only have so much to work with, and I do shower every day so I really hope I don't smell too bad!!!
My kids are so sweet, they all filed out the door last night to head to wal-mart and Target to shop for mom, and my sweet Jake is walking out saying, mom I'm going to spend all my money on you, Merissa says well I'm not!! LOL
So Randy said he's walking around the stores with the kids (he took 5) and he said he couldn't find what he was looking for, I m like what, he says you know the dad of the year award!!
On Sunday Randy says to me so you don't want to be a year older huh?? I'm like no, I really don't want to be 35+1 in 2 days, he says why not? I'm like duhhh that's really close to 40, he says whats wrong with 40, I say that is just old!! He really didn't think that was funny (he's 42)
So Jake and Merissa made me eggs and bacon and toast this morning, and were quite proud of themselves, they are so sweet, I have the best kids in the world!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Not impressed

Makenna had her first bites of cereal, and she definitely is thinking its not for her!! So funny I really thought she would love eating. She is so interested when anyone else is eating, but when it came her turn, no thank you, I'll stick to milk!!
She is now rolling all over the floor, says ma ma, and as of yesterday is trying to get up on her knees. It is so fun to watch her, and my sweet children get so excited watching her!!!
Friday was her 6 month old visit, and she is 17 pounds 10 ounces and 26 and a 1/2 inches long, which puts her on the 77Th for her height and 71st for her weight! Man I'm looking at her darling picture and thinking she is so stinkin cute, man I love that little girl!!
So my computer is back to working, we took it in and he added memory and did some other stuff, I have no idea, but it works now and I can post pictures so Im a happy girl!! I would still really like a lap top, they have one at costco for about $6oo. I will have to see how that stacks up to others?? Yay cuz I dont have a clue!! But for now I m a happy girl with my computer!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


issues stink, I am ready to through the whole thing out the window!! One problem, hhhmmmmm I don't know when I could get another but a heck of a lot of good that does me!! It doesn't work at all so I might as well through it out!! Yes, I have once again snuck onto my sweet hubbies computer!! I just cant keep an eye or 2 on my boys, which most often when they are together is 2-3!! Colton still being sick makes it worse, every little thing WWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! Any way wee have went the big part off to figure out what is wrong with it, and if it is costly maybe just maybe I can to talk my hubby into a lap top, I wonder those of you that know so much about computers and all does it matter if I get one of those inexpensive ones will it bay able to handle my pictures and if I want to digital scrap book (gasp) I will show you Merissa invite when I can stinkin cute anyway I think I could do a little not ever give up paper and goodies but for this kinda thing invites, then Renee our den leader does all these way cute invites you know stuff like that!! I would love to do, so what would be my minimum requirements that I would need do you think??
Anyway Merissa's birthday was lots of fun I think she had tons of fun, she had a bowling party and man it was so easy, go everybody is dropped off you play you open presents, have a cupcake and then everyone is picked up!! Yep I think I'm hooked!!
We took her to twilight on her birthday she loved that and we went to McDonald's opened presents and she was a happy girl!!
Man I sure hate not being able to post pictures!! On the up side isn't my blog cute!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Birthday Girl!!!

Yay!! So don't get to crazy, my computer is totally whacked, along with all my pictures, which I wanted to post a darling one of my little sweetheart and dedicate a page to her, and now cutestblogontheblock is down so I cant change my retarded back ground, man am I full of problems or what??? What you say...............hummmm, Do you want a list or how about we just don't go there!!

So, Yay for birthday's Merissa Sue is 9 years old today, and I think that it has been pretty stinkin good birthday so far, she wanted desert crepes for breakfast, then we picked her up and took her to pizza factory for lunch where she got her pizza shaped as a 9, so cool!! She has been to activity days and now she is at piano we are going to gag in the bag for dinner then she wants to go see twilight, and her big bowling party tomorrow!! Woo this birthday stuff, man sure wish someone would treat me like that for my birthday!! LOL I'm only one person!! LOL

9 things I love about you!!

1. You are always so happy!!

2. You love to help with Makenna, in fact you are often referred to mommy #2!!

3. You are so smart, no worries in this department!!

4. You always want to make everyone around you happy, if you have something or the last one and someone is freakin out you always either give it to them or share!! Amazing!!

5. You don't complain when I ask you to things for me, you just do it!! LOVE THAT!!!

6. You think before you act!! Finally someone!!!

7. You never complain when I want to try new hair do's and they take FOREVER!!

8. YOU ARE SO GIRLY!! totally rocks!!

9. You Love me!! Thank you sweet girl!!