Thursday, August 28, 2008

a glimpse....

Ok so most of you know what an emotional sap I am, I had one such moment this morning. I am dropping the kids off at school, Jake and Merissa get of on one end of the school and Monica wants dropped off on the other. So I let Jake and Merissa out drive around to the other and the first bell rings (mind you she still has 10 minutes) and she gets out of the car and RUNS like her little life depends on it, and as I watched her I was so over come with emotion, of this sweet little angel in my life, all the love I have for this sweet little girl just runs through me, and all I can think is she's mine, she's really all mine!! So as I am driving home from taking the kids to school all I can think about is how very lucky I am, we aren't rich (except in blessings) we don't have big house(in fact its rather small) We don't save lives, or anything like that, we are just plain ordinary people, but I tell you what, I LOVE MY LIFE, I have the most amazing husband in the world, I have the best kids, and I am doing what I love most, I am just a MOM!!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

5 weeks

Isn't she just the cutest little baby
girl ever!! She is just looking so much older it is just crazy!! She is starting to sleep better, and every once in awhile she goes to sleep in her car seat and will sleep for close to 3 hours, not very often but it has happened!! These were taken on Sunday, she was in her church clothes and I couldn't resist taking some pictures of her!!
Jayden needed a scrap book page for school, they display it on his day that he brings snack or does show and share, any number of things, so yep my first page since I have had the baby. I got to go hang out with my friends and get golden spoon, and my sweet darling baby chose that night to do one of her sleep for about 3 hours in her car seat!! It was wonderful!! So here is the page I did!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

1 Month

Yep, she is one month old today, seems kinda crazy, that one month ago I was meeting this little princess for the very first time, falling in love all over again, filling another hole in my heart I never new was there!!
This is my Mom and Dad, Makenna's grandparents, she is meeting her grandpa for the first time. He said she gave him a big ol' smile, which I didn't even get to see, nor has she done another! Go figure!!
Jayden Is loving school, and Colton is having a hard time adjusting to why his brother is gone for a couple hours a day! All he does is ask "pickem up Jayden, school". He is so cute (a terror but a cute one) the way he talks, I just love listening to him, and the kids are always trying to get him to say something crazy!
I started back to weight watchers last night and so far so good today, lol today anyway! One day at a time right?! Good today then good tomorrow! I really want to get back to where I was!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Jayden's first day

Jayden was so excited to start school today, I didn't have
to ask twice (like I usually do) for him to go get dressed. He asked do I get to wear my new clothes, I told him yep, and he was off and came back all dressed!! Yay Jayden!! When we got to his school, he got a little nervous and asked if I was going to to stay with him, I told him I was going to take him in and help him find Miss Stephanie, he asked again if I was going to stay with him and I said Jayden I'm going to walk in with you and take a picture of you and Miss Stephanie and he says my teacher Miss Stephanie at my old school? Yep one and the same, then he was good with it, he walked right in took some pictures and off he went to play Lego's with some other kids!!
Colton was asleep when we took Jayden in so I just left him in the car with Randy, when he woke up he was very upset, where Jayden go? He is at school we will got get him in a little bit. Get Jayden NOW!! Ok Colton we will get him in a few minutes, then of course he wouldn't leave me alone until we went to get Jayden!!
Makenna, is getting so big, so fast it is so crazy to put an outfit on her one day then the next time its to small!! She is doing better with her sleeping now her first little stretch at night she will go about 3 hours, then she goes to her usual hour and a half wake up!!
Well I started running on Thursday, it was pretty hard Jake asked me "mom when you ran your marathon was it hard?" "Yes, Jake it was hard but I felt really good the whole time!" "Mom, how do you feel right now?" "Jake, right now I feel worse then at anytime in the whole marathon!" But it has gotten better, we ran 1 and a 1/2 miles that first day then we ran Saturday, and we went 2 and a 1/2, then we went again today, and we ran 3 and a 1/2, its definitely not easy but its so not as hard as it was that first day!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Their done!!!!!

I am so excited, I think I checked a million times in the last 2 days, but they are done and oh my gosh they are so dang cute, so tell me which ones you like best, I just love them all!! I'm hoping this link will take you right to them and then you can do the slide show!!

Here are a few more pictures, third day of school for the kids, and I finally trapped Michale to get some pictures of her. She had to go early the first day so I didn't get any on her first day, so I got her yesterday!! All of the kids are loving being back in school! I miss them, but then I love having them home!!
Here's another of our sweet princess, even Colton now says Mommy I hold it princess!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Second day!!

Yesterday when I picked the kids up from school Monica was the first to come out. I watched her walk down the sidewalk looking for me, then she saw me, her little eyes just lit up, it was so sweet, then she broke into a run and ran right into my arms, I picked her up and swung her around, I swear that my heart was going to burst right inside my chest, as my sweet little girl told me how much she loves me and how much she missed me!! I love you with all my heart sweet little Monica!!
Here's a second day of school picture, sorry its so bad, I just realized that one of my kids touched the lens with yucky hands, its clean now tho! (not that it helps now)
Ok I'm so disappointed, Makenna's pic's arent up on the photographers site yet, she did say on their she is really behind! So I'm hoping it will be soon!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

They're gone

So we started getting ready for school yesterday. Of course with 3 girls thee was much prep time needed, you know we had to figure out what they were all going to wear, then of course how they wanted their hair, then you cant forget polishing nails and toes, well my girls all love those little press on nails, so that's what all the girls went with this year!! So then everyone got showered then, they layed in bed having a very hard time trying to get to sleep!!

So this morning I got up early to suprise them with their favorite breakfast, crepes! They were almost to excited to even eat. So they all got their planned outfits on, hair done and in the car right around 8:30 to get their a little early since I have 3 classed to find and of course tons of pictures to take!! They all looked so dang cute, they were so excited!! All Colton keeps saying is where did Jake go, where's Monica, Rissy in school? So dang cute!!

Here's a few more pic's of my little princess it just is going by so fast, she is 3 weeks old yesterday can you believe that? Just crazy! Anyway I want to say a few thank you to you all for all that you have done for myself and Makenna and our little family. First thank you Renee and Jenn for Dinner and getting dinners into us after we brought Makenna home, it helped so much, and they darling outfits!! Thank you Kasi for the gift certificate to shop and the darling dresses, Thank you Katie for the burp clothes and scrapbook stuff, Thank you Melinda, Stue, and Stella for the over flowing box of darling baby stuff! Thank you Sherrie for the darling bow (the one she is wearing in the pic's) and the awesome little bracelet, I love them. Thank you to my awesome mother in law, who has done so much which the latest is a bouncie seat. Thank you to my sister in law and Shelbi who already did so much at my baby shower, and then when they came to visit brought more!! To anyone I forgot, I'm sorry I thank you too!!

Friday, August 8, 2008


Ok, I know I really do love having my kids home from school, I love summer, I love my kids being home, but I am ready to send them back!! They have started fighting among themselves and it is ready to drive me insane, with the new baby and all I am just thinking ok lets go back get you out of the house, and we can all return to some kinda routine, not that I'm a big routine kinda person cause heaven forbid I am not but some normalcy please!! We go back on Tuesday, then Jayden goes back to preschool on the 18Th a week later!!

Makenna is as sweet as ever, I swear I can almost see her grow in her sleep!! My only complaint, I wish she would sleep a little longer at night, we are up about ever hour to hour and a half, and I am tired!! But besides that she is the sweetest thing ever!!
My little Colton, loves to go shimen (swimming) He is so fun to watch just jump in the pool, he comes up just grinning away!!

Monday, August 4, 2008


Today was Makenna's 2 week check up, yep 2 weeks. I can hardly believe that my sweet little princess is two weeks old already. I just don't want it to pass, and seems that it is just going to to fast!!
She weighed in at 9 pounds 4 ounces, and she was 22 inches long, and of course perfect as can be!! I am just so in love with her, everyone is really, no one can get enough of her. She is consistently being kissed and hugged and held!
I splurged my first time ever, and I had a professional photographer come on Tuesday and take pictures of Makenna, she was so amazing I cant believe all the little ticks she had to keep her happy and asleep while she took pictures, she had these tiny little angel wings, oh my gosh it was so stinkin cute, I can hardly wait till I can see them, she said it takes 2 weeks, but she would put a sneek peek on her blog but its not up yet I will let you know, but I'm so torcherd by having to wait that long.
Ok I'm just going to go ahead and admit it, I'm totally crazy I have lost all thoughts of reason, its crazy, but I will let you in on my crazy secret, I don't know if I'm really done having kids, I mean I know that I said I was and really I did think that I was, but since she is here, I don't know anymore she is just the most amazing thing ever and honestly I don't know if I could not do it again!! The thing is I know that I couldn't do it if it wasn't for my most amazing wonderful awesome husband, he is the most amazing daddy ever!!! He helps me so much, I am so blessed! So there you have it I'm crazy!!